10 Awesome Toys You Can Make Using Socks

As you might know already I have a toddler. Well we spend all our time together and he needs entertainment while I try to write smart articles or make cute decorations. This winter found out a tutorial about how I could make snowmen out of socks filled with rice. I followed the steps, made a really cute one and he enjoyed playing with it. Even helped out when I made one to give as a gift to my sister in law and her lil boy, my nephew. So works great if you want to have original presents, or just cute surprises, that are so cheap to make. And if you run out of rice in your kitchen, you know where to find it.

As far as sock crafting goes, all you need it’s a high performance sewing machine, just joking, you’ll mostly need needle and thread, SOCKS, obviously, rice, or poly-filling, depending on the model, OR depending on what you want to put in, you can always improvise, a few colorful fabrics, buttons, glues, and whatever the instructions on each toy requires.

What I really like about this kind of crafts is that the materials are in hand, and if not, they are easy to get. Rice? Every store has it. Not to mention sock, or if you want poly-filling you can just buy a big cheap pillow filled with it, or you can take a look at thrift shops for cute buttons, colorful t-shirts for the small details, like nose, eyes, mouth, and who knows what else you could find and use for your crafts. These toys are really fun to make one and so, so fast.

So here are some toys made from socks, that I really want to try next, and how to make them. Enjoy!

1.Sock Snake

I find this to be a multipurpose toy. I know I threw a lot of socks that had no match until I found these ideas, and I can’t wait for my toddler to loose more As I said, this would be a multipurpose toy, because you can use it for the doors or windows when the chilly winds are coming thru. Here are the instructions on how to make it.

2. Sock owl

Couldn’t imagine a cuter toy than this, and definitely easy to take with you on a road trip. Plus, if you put rice instead of filling, in case you get stuck on the road, you know your family will be fed You can find the way to make one here.

3. Sock hedgehog

Ok, it’s not all sock, but isn’t it the cutest thing you ever encountered? I named him Phil, and hereis how to make one and then squeeze the love out of him, but not too much, you don’t want the rice/filling to spill.

4. Sock Elephant

This little guy is the easiest and cutest thing you can make. Can’t get easier than this. And remember, if you don’t have what they advise, improvise. Here is the tutorial.

5. Sock Sheep

For these adorable sheep you’ll need fluffy socks, if you haven’t lost any, it’s time you do, or just make a pair of sheep, that would be even cuter. Follow these steps to make one, or two, or an entire flock

6. Sock Olaf

Admit it, you know his song if you’re a mother or a grandmother, they want to listen to it AL DAY LONG. But also, it grew on you by hearing it so many times. And everyone wants Olaf now. So here is how to make your own version.

7. Sock Fat Cat

I found this to be very cute and so easy to make. Extra fluffs for extra hugs (just thought of this rime ). Here is a visual of the steps you need to follow to make it.

8. Sock Monkey

I’m actually considering to buy me a pair of striped socks just to make this (for myself), but really, this is too precious not to try it. Check out the how to article here.

9. Sock Bunny

I love this, and it could easily become your kids favorite toy, you already have the monkey This too is on my favorite list, so here are the instruction you need to follow.

10. Sock Puppy

This little fellow can permanently give you the puppy eye look that asks for cuddles. He won’t fetch you a stick, but he won’t leave your kid’s side. Here is the visual tutorial on how to make it.

Please share your crafting with us, we’re always happy to see we helped. And if you stumble on the road we’re also here to help you improvise or get it right. You can subscribe for more articles like this, so you make sure you won’t miss any of them.

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