10 Best Thanksgiving Plates for a Really Special Day

Now that we have chosen the best Thanksgiving napkins for the special day we’re going to spend together with our family, it’s time to look at some more important things – items that we can use for the years to come and turn them into a staple of your Thanksgiving dinner. In other words, it’s time to focus on the Thanksgiving plates – and we’re here to share with you the 10 best Thanksgiving dishes that will make an already special day even more special.

I know that personal preferences come into play when talking about the design of the plates, but we believe that our picks will satisfy any need as we created this list based on what multiple people considered “great looking” or at least a good idea for a Thanksgiving plate. Just check them out below and order as many as you need for your perfect dinner and remember: you only need to buy them once and you’ll have something special for the years to come. It’s really worth the money, so let’s not waste a single second and instead let’s check out below the 10 best Thanksgiving plates!

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

1. Give Thanks – Set of 4 Plates


Beautiful design and a simple, yet inspiring message: “For all that we have… give thanks”. Perfect! Click here to check them out (don’t forget that this is a set of four plates!)

2. Funny message Thanksgiving plates


Another set of four plates, each with a funny message that all the guests will love. The drawings are also beautiful, resulting in some really impressive plates for a special occasion. Click here to buy them or just check them out.

3. Old Fashioned Thanksgiving Set of Plate (Customizable)


Not only that the pattern and choice of colors are excellent, bringing a fresh take on the classic fall colors that we’re used with, but you can also customize the text that is printed on them. This way, you will really make the plates your own! Click here to buy or check them out.

4. Watercolor Harvest


A set of two plates that bring the main character of the evening into the spotlight: you can’t have a proper Thanksgiving dinner without a turkey and nobody will mind if they’re printed on the plates as well. Plus, the plates look really nice and have good colors. Click here to buy them or check them out.

5. Autumn Berry Plates


Another set of four plates featuring the leading character of the evening. If you somehow didn’t like the design above, you will surely love this one! Click here to get them.

6. Harvest Festival Plates


At the moment of writing this article, this set of plates is the #1 New release on Amazon in the Appetizer Plates category, meaning that everybody loves them. We do too and I am sure you can say the same. So make sure you get yours before they sell out by clicking here.

7. Happy Thanksgiving Rectangular Plates


Who says that you have to go for the traditional round plates? Nobody, on the contrary! These plates look great and, just like the Old Fashioned set recommended above, they can also be customized, meaning that you get to choose the text that’s printed on them. Click here to buy these beautiful plates!

8. Gold Underside Turkey Plates


These elegant plates will surely bring the style up to every table they’re put on. Have in mind that these are not microwave safe and should be washed by hand. Click here to check them out.

9. Harvest Bounty Dinner Plate Set of 4


Sometimes, you might want to keep it simple with just a touch of color. These plates do just that and they look beautiful: click here to buy or find out more about this set.

10. Thanksgiving Rectangular Plates


A new set that you can customize with your own message, but this time with a different and still great design. Plus, we have the rectangular shape which really makes them stand out. Click here to check them out.

These are our recommended plates for Thanksgiving. Beautiful design, great quality and, overall, all of them are perfect choices – just get the one(s) you like the most and you’re all set for a memorable day and evening. Happy Thanksgiving!

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