10 Fancy Crafting Ideas with Mason Jars (for DIY Projects)

Who knew all my mason jars will be put to good use one day. Besides filling them with pickles and jams in autumn, now I can decorate them and put them in sight, not hidden in my cupboard for later use. I always end up throwing a few at the end of the year when I see I have too many of them, and no room for actual stuff I need to deposit. So I went looking for ways of making them useful or just use them somehow, and found some neat ideas, and a lot of do it yourself materials to help me figuring things out on how to make what I want. Can’t wait to start my crafts.

Some of the ideas are just practical, and help you around the house, with organizing and keeping things in place, and are even fancy to look at, to be honest. But others are a bit more artsy, and what I like about it is that you can make them according to the season, holiday or just based on your taste and if it goes well with your other decorations in the room. You can get artistic with the practical jars too, don’t worry, we’ll show you how to make them fancy.

So we found a few original ideas, and the results are spectacular and it’s surprising to se how many things you can do with just a mason jar. I’m really looking forward to try some of these myself, and hopefully they’ll turn out as close to the original ideas as I can get them. So take your jars and start working, before more dust adds to your stash of jars in the cupboard. Make sure you get everything you need before you start, I’d hate for you to start something but forgot you don’t have any glue left, so your jar would still be in it’s cupboard. Have fun!

1. Lantern Jar

Of course I would start with a Fairy Lantern Jar, because I love magic and that is simply a magical craft. You can use this technique to make a fairy lantern, or this one to do it, or any other form for that matter. Just pick your theme and you’re good to go.

2. Oil Lamp Jar

This looks so vintage and serene, I can almost feel the warmth of the light that flickers on my skin while I enjoy a hot cup of chocolate. Go here to find out how to make one too.

3. Potpourri Jar

This would make perfect gifts as well as making your house smell lovely. And it should be easy to make too if you’d follow these steps.

4. Fragrance Jar

Maybe the same idea as the Potpourri Jar, but it is nice to have options and choose the one that you like most, or it’s easier to make. Here is the recipe to compare.

5. Terrarium Jar

I have to admit, this is on my TOP list of liking, right next to the Fairy Jar. I love terrariums, and I find them more original when they are placed in unusual containers like this one. Here are the steps you’ll need to follow.

6. Aquarium Jar

Like Snow Balls you can make for Winter season, Aquarium “Balls” can be made for summer time. You can get instructions here.

7. Brownie Mix Jar

This works great as a gift. You can even assemble the ingredients to look like sand art if you want. You just need to have ready to make recipes and ingredients at home, and you’re set to go. Follow a few indications on how it’s made here.

8. Gift Jar

The fun thing about this is that you can put whatever you want in these jar and make them with some personal touches for the person that receives it. Here are some ideas for different types of jars so you can get inspired.

9. Tissue Holder Jar

I have to admit these are pretty cool. You can decorate them as you want and you can hold your tissues in these fancy jars from now on. Here are some pointers on how to do it.

10. Organizer Jar

These are great at organizing things you always get lost in your house, or even used for vases for your flowers. Stick them on the walls and you gain even more space and it will look even fancier. Here are the do it yourself instructions for you.

I hope these help, and you can share with us your cute jars soon. You can always come back for more articles and do it yourself tips, or subscribe to our website and make sure you won’t miss any. See ya!

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