10 Fresh And Lovely Spring Wreaths: Ideas And Tutorials to DIY

The Spring is slowly getting here, and we need to replace those Valentine’s Day wreaths with new ones. Any reason is a good reason to change your wreath. And maybe if you get your Spring wreath on, spring will actually come and stay for good, not just tease us. These look so fresh and have such positive vibes, that making them will certainly make your home look like spring spilled in. I mean, who doesn’t like spring flowers and green wreaths? I love tulips and green fresh grass, and I know that just decorating my home with them will make me life brighter.

According to Wiki “wreaths, a common household decoration today, are a custom with ancient roots in Europe. The creation of harvest wreaths in Europe can be traced back to ancient times, and is associated with animistic spiritual beliefs. In Ancient Greece, the harvest wreath was a sacred amulet, using wheat or other harvested plants, woven together with red and white wool thread. The harvest wreath would be hung by the door year-round.”

From ancient Greece, to Poland, this wreaths were first made from harvested plants and olive twigs and hang by the doors in big rituals that were thought to bring protection against crop failure and plagues. After that a lot more wreaths appeared, symbolizing everlasting life, fertility and so on. Now there are wreath for every season and holiday. There are Christmas Wreaths, beside the already mentioned harvest wreaths, and Memorial ones, crown and maypole wreaths.

So here are some of the seasonal spring wreaths idea I could find, and really made me excited to make some myself. We use them here mostly before Christmas and as memorial wreaths, for our cemetery visits. SO I hope you’ll enjoy these fun wreaths I found.

1. Full Pink Tulip Wreath

I absolutely adore tulips when they bloom in spring, so every time I see one it makes me feel fuzzy and brightens my day like a sunny spring day does to anyone. This is how to make one that will make your day.

2. Orange Tulip with Monogram Wreath

And if you would like a smaller version of the above wreath, this is the one you need to try, and it is as fancy as the first. Here you can find a tutorial on this.

3. Pom-Pom Wreath

This is easy to make, simple yet very stylish, and looks great in any color you want to do it. Get the instructions here.

4. Lemon Wreath

This really is breath of fresh air. I can only imagine the lemony smell that would greet me in the morning. Here is how to do it.

5. Cherry Blossoms Wreath

Nothing says Spring like Chery Blossoms and eggs that symbolize new life, where everything is reborn from the ground. Get the steps to do it yourself here.

6. Moss Wreath

This wreath looks like it fell from a fairy tale book, where fairies play around mushrooms bare feet on the damp moss. Follow the instructions here to make this wreath.

7. Heart Wreath

Yeah, yeah, Valentine’s Day is over, but this is too cute and fresh like Spring to just ignore it. Here is the tutorial for it.

8. Grass Wreath

All I can think of when I look at this wreath is Spring hills with fields of flowers. I just want to run around and pick up some flowers and have a picnic. Follow these steps to make one too.

9. Butterflies Wreath


Butterflies, does it need a better introduction than BUTTERFLIES? Colorful, simple, and awesome wreath, just add butterflies. Here is more info on how to make it.

10. Bunny Wreath

And right after we get full into spring mode, Easter will already creep out on us, in a good way of course. And what better way to honor Spring AND Easter, like a bunny wreath? Get all you need to know on how to make it here.

I’m really going to try my hand in making a memorial wreath soon. You can always share yours and tell us what you think about our articles. Come back another time for more helpful or just fun articles, or subscribe to make sure you don’t miss any.

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