10 Arts and Crafts Ideas for Kids During Rainy Days

Beside the nasty cold, the autumn rain can come with a lot of fun too. Inside or outside activities can still be possible, only you come home a little wetter, but happy nevertheless. I don’t expect October to be all sunny and warm, so for those rainy days I thought of finding some fun things to do. These 10 October Kids Arts and Crafts Ideas for Rainy Days are going to keep you warm and bubbly. I think the lack of sun only bothers us when we are older, because my kid would always ask to go out in the rain.

Some puddle jumping games could bring your mood up too. So next time there’s a rainy day check out these 10 October Arts and Crafts Ideas and maybe it will make rain fun for everyone.

Build a tent

Some rainy days make me just want to not get out of bed and snuggle my boy under the blankets. Well With an active 3-year-old, that can last like 2 minutes, at most. So I found a solution to compromise. I build a tent with him over his bed/mattress, so I can cuddle my blanket and he can play camping on a rainy day.

Painting in the rain

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You can paint with water colors, or even food coloring on paper. Let him sharpen his watercolor crayons with a pencil sharpener in a dry place, put the paper on a tray, sprinkle the shavings on the paper and let the rain mix it up and form a pretty painting. Or he can draw a rainbow on the entire piece of paper and rain will just mix the colors and transform it into an even better painting. Same with food coloring, only get the paper wet first then let the colors drop and spread creating another beautiful creation.

Rainy Sensory Bin

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You’ll need a plastic container in which you’ll put lots of cotton wool balls, gem stones and laminated clouds with the letters “c” and “r” in them, from the words clouds and rain drops. The purpose of this game is for your kid to find the letters in the box and sort them, “c” on one side, and “r” on the other. It’s a fun game, and he’ll learn something too.

Umbrella Card

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You can cut a rectangle out of colored paper. Your toddler can fold it back an forward, with your help, then gather it and fold it in half. Tape the middle parts together and glue the middle bottom part. Take a folded paper card, open it, and put the little umbrella he made right in the middle and glue it there. He can draw the umbrella handle with a permanent marker right in the middle. You can cut colored pieces to assemble a boy or a girl, a little triangle dress, or t-shirt and pants, a round face and shoes. Let him glue them together and draw the hair, hands and face features, and even add some googly eyes for a prettier effect. He can paint rain drops and puddles with blue water colors, and he’s done.

Rain Clouds

He can glue some cotton balls onto a half cut paper plate. You can cut up some drops for him in blue paper, or let him paint them blue if it’s a white cardboard. After they dry, use uneven pieces of blue yarn and glue it to the paper plate and rain drops. And your awesome cloud is ready!

Little Umbrellas

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He can glue on colored construction paper some folded cupcake liners in which he inserted some pipe cleaners right in middle, bend on one side to look like a handle, and bend on the other so it can’t fall out. If the cupcake paper is white, he can paint them himself. Add some water color drops and you have an unique painting.

Rain Experiment

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You can educate your kids about why clouds make rain with a simple, yet fun, experiment. While telling him how: When water droplets and ice crystals continue to collect in a cloud, they get heavier and heavier. They will eventually become too heavy to float on the air. Water droplets will fall to the earth as rain… you can start building your experiment. Get a big enough jar and almost fill it with water. Cover the top with a foamy shaving cream. This will be the cloud. Let him put blue food coloring drops in the cloud until it starts raining into the water, on the other side of the could. Simple and fun.

Rain Science Fun

Photo credit: Mamapapabubba

Another science project using vinegar, baking soda and food coloring. Sprinkle some baking soda on a small baking tray, make a thin layer of it. Mix vinegar with some blue food coloring and let him fill an eye dropper with the liquid and drop some rain drops into the baking soda. The blue bubbling effect it will make you kid happy. And you can add more colors so he can paint with vinegar as much as he wants.

Rainbow Rose

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With my next bouquet of flowers (my birthday is coming up soon) I’mm gonna try this. You need a white rose, as other colors could interfere with the coloring process. Then trim the stem the length you need it to be. Then split it in 3 or 4 sections, each will have their own color. I would use Ziploc bags, fill them with water in which you put food coloring, as richer the color the better. Blue, red, yellow and/or other color. Introduce each section in their own bag and lock it tight, then put the entire rose with bags into a vase or a container that will keep them together without spilling or falling.

Rainy Bath

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Make their bath fun on a rainy day by painting them a rainbow and clouds on the bathroom walls, just on top of the bath tub, using shaving foam mixed with food coloring. Cut a few rain drops in blue craft foam and write numbers on them with a sharpie. Add some bubbles in their tub and throw the rain drops inside. It’s like a scavenger hunt. They need to find the numbers in the right order and stick them to the tiles under the clouds you painted. If they are too little for numbers, you can just cut shapes or different colors and ask them for what they need to find. At the end of the game, they can paint with the colored foam themselves.

After writing this I can’t wait for the next rainy days so I can put in practice these 10 October Kids Arts and Crafts Ideas for Rainy Days. My boy will definitely enjoy it and it will do me good too, to see cold rain in a different light, as fun and artistic. I hope I inspired you as well, and made you excited for surprising your kid with so many fun rainy days activities. You can come back and tell us how it went. Don’t forget to dress well so neither of you gets a cold.

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