3 Amazing Crafts Using Toilet Paper Rolls (DIY)

I like crafting with things that I already have in my house. Who doesn’t like saving some money, eh?

And I love it even more when the result is pretty awesome and my son and husband are impressed.

My latest quirk is collecting toilet paper rolls or paper towels rolls as I always thought that the cardboard they are made of is perfect to get creative and get some nice things done.

I do throw some away, can’t save them all, and I know I’ll have more in no time if by some weird reason I NEED more than I already have… But it’s always good to have all your bases covered.

But what can you craft using toilet paper rolls? Below are the 3 best crafts you can do at home!

1. Fairy houses from toilet paper rolls

Apparently, you can make fairy houses out of everything, but this could be the cheapest option out of them all.

The one pictured above are created used felt as well, which is pretty easy to use. The base of the house was made from a toilet paper roll, in which they cut windows, glued some felt on, and added the conic rooftop, that can easily be made with felt around another roll.

Add cute flowers, cut the windows in the felt, and add a door (like the one I already made here), and there you have it: your own fairy house made out of toilet paper rolls! So cute!

Alternately, you can just paint over the roll, and you get the much cheaper version of it.

I also made a Fairy Well, here is a tutorial on how to make one also using toilet paper rolls. You can build an entire Fairy Castle with these!

2. Toys for children…

…or just cute ornaments with different characters that your kid can play with; or trains, or airplanes… Basically, you can paint something and add some small features and make your kid happy for a few days.

First chance I get I’m going to take my toddler and make us some friends out of these toilet paper rolls.

He’ll enjoy spending time with mommy and making some crafts like mommy does all day – all kids will and will love it even more that you involve them in your projects.

You can find some of these ideas here to complement the ones in the photo above which also comes from the linked article.

These crafts really do seem easy to make and worth it, seeing you don’t waste precious materials, and you still end up doing something that looks very cute.

3. Storage units

Photo credit here

For small objects, pens, cables, and if you are a handyman, for screws and nails in different sizes and forms. Basically, you can build some storage for anything you have to store, as long as it’s of the appropriate size.

It can’t get easier to find the pen you’re looking for faster if you have them organized in this clever way. Just stack them together, glued or placed in a box, painted (or not,) decorated (or not). It will be an useful tool that will help keep your desk or drawers in order.

So now, I’m getting all excited to make some of this ideas, I know my toddler will love the funny characters I could make, or a tiny airplane. But I’m still thinking on saving some rolls to make a fairy house, my roof is going to be from a coconut shell, cuz I found so many cool ideas for coconuts in my previous post, here.

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