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4 Easy Crafts You Can Do With Coconut Shells: DIY Ideas


I recently discovered how easy it is to brake a coconut in 2 almost equal halves, because it usually got into more than 2 pieces. It’s true that I found a video online, gonna share that with you in a bit, but I still had some troubles. First my coconut was not empty, we opened it up and sensed a moldy smell in the coconut, so we figured it wasn’t worth saving and almost threw it away, juice and all, until I got the idea of using it as a roof for my fairy houses.

So I was following the video’s instruction, only I didn’t drank the juice inside, obviously, and if you ever made a hole into a coconut to get its juice, you know it isn’t easy to get it out that easily, much easier to use a straw. And you know, out of the 3 holes just one is the real one, the other 2 you’ll have a real problem braking thru. So I was banging with the hammer as instructed, over the sink because all the juice was spilling out in gushes, and I almost quit, because I couldn’t see anything happen. But as soon as the juice was completely out, the shell started to crack. I think it needed to be hollow, or something, but it was very easy after that.

So I kept looking for ideas of using coconut shells for crafting and I found these really useful and pretty objects, and some are easy to make too.

1. A roof for a Fairy House or a whole house, depending on the size of the coconut. I don’t think it’s too hard if you are just a bit crafty. You can either make a small door and some tiny windows out of polymer clay, or air dry clay, and stick them to the shell. Or make the house out of whatever you want. I’m thinking of using a roll from paper towels and even add a tiny flickering light inside. Photo credit to this forum.

2. You can make fancy bowls. I’ve never done it, but this is the way I would do it. Grab a saw, and cut the coconut in half, then cut its bottom too, it does not need to be straight, crooked works too, lean the surface of the coconut piece you just cut off, and glue it upside down in the same place. Then add a layer of varnish inside, and use it to hold tiny objects or jewelry. or get a bit more complicated, like they do it here.

3. Bird feeder. You can just make a hole big enough for a bird to enter and put the seeds inside, then use the holes on top to tie a rope and hang it to a tree in your back yard. Or if you split it in two, with a hammer, like I did, just use one of them, making holes into it to hang just half, full of seeds into a tree. The downside to it would be that it can rain on them, so maybe hang it next to your house safe under your roof. More on this here.

4. Pot for your succulents, or even some other plants. You need to saw just the top of, to have more room for roots. Your plants will look very fancy in these pots, only you’ll need a pot holder that can fit a round bottom. Or drill some holes in and hang it to your porch, like in they show you here.

And here is the youtube video I followed (you have to click the link as embedding doesn’t work):


I can’t wait to see what you can come up with, and I’m here if you wanna share your results. Also you can always come back to use for more crafts and DIY ideas.


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