DIY Coconut Shell Craft Ideas (BONUS: Where to Get Coconut Shells for Crafts)

I recently discovered how easy it is to break a coconut in 2 halves that are almost equal, so I started thinking about DIY coconut shell craft ideas. There are lots of really awesome things you can craft quickly from coconut shells and I am here to share with some some of my suggestions.

But I also have some extras for you coconut lovers out there: tips on where to get coconut shells from (if breaking coconuts isn’t your thing); and also some amazing coconut crafts that are already made and you can buy them directly.

Even before I decided to do research on crafts from coconut shells, I knew that half of my shell would look great as a roof for my fairy house. I love creating fairy houses and I already shared with you some tips on how to craft a DIY Fairy Well or your first Fairy Garden.

But back to coconut shells!

Let’s check out some easy craft ideas from coconut shells! And in case you don’t have the shells already and you don’t plan on taking a trip to the supermarket to buy some coconuts, then break them in half (it’s not easy – as you can see in this video), let’s start with the bonus:

Where to get coconut shells from?

Believe it or not, you can find (almost) anything on Amazon. Including coconut shells (affiliate link). Problem solved and you don’t have to start hammering down coconuts until you go stir crazy (or your neighbors do if you live in in apartment, like me).

Easy Coconut Craft Ideas

Now that we have our shell problem solved, let’s put it (or them) to good use and start crafting some cool things!

1. Fairy House Roof

I know I mentioned this already, but it has to be said again. Depending on the size of your fairy garden, the roof can actually become the entire house if you’re into miniatures.

Creating one requires little work and your imagination is your own limit.

You can, for example, make a small door and some tiny windows out of polymer clay, or air dry clay, and stick them to the shell. Or use the coconut shell as a simple roof for your existing house. Place a straw through one of the three holes of the shell and you get a nice horn for Santa too!

2. Coconut bowls

Coconut bowls

These are actually a thing and they not only look amazing, but are Earth and nature friendly. I absolutely love them! You can craft your own coconut zen bowl and use it for anything you consider it appropriate for: storage, decoration, soup bowl or regular dessert bowl.

In order to make your own, you will have to sand them both on the inside and the outside. It is going to take a bit of work, but it can prove to be a relaxing activity for many people. Just take your time and sand it until it is smooth and fine.

Then, add a layer of varnish on the outside (and inside if you don’t plan to eat from it). If you want to use it as a food bowl, make sure you use a non-toxic paint of food-safe finishes.

But if you just go lazy, you can easily buy them ready made. They look just as cool and people won’t know you didn’t really make them. Check out these amazing coconut bowls on Amazon (affiliate link). They’re amazing!

3. Bird feeder

Coconut bird feeder

While technically you won’t need coconut shell halves for this one, but the entire coconut shell, it can look really nice in your yard or even an open balcony. And you’d be giving back to Mother Earth some!

Just make a hole that’s big enough for a bird to enter and put some seeds inside to lure the birds in.

You can use the coconut’s own holes on top to tie a rope and hang it on a tree or somewhere in your back yard. Make sure you put them somewhere safe from the rain: you want them to be bird feeders, not bird pools!

4. Flower pot

I find coconut shells perfect for succulents or air plants. And it’s extremely easy to do, as you can go with the coconut shell in its raw state – but you can sand it and treat the wood a bit if you want to.

All you need to do in order to get a truly amazing flower pot is saw the top off and fill the rest with potting soil. Or use air plants that don’t require any.

You can drill some holes to the sides and hang them using ropes. These will do well in kitchens, also, if you plan to grow some herbs there. Sky’s the limit.

Or you can just check out and get one of these decorative coconut shell hanging pots available on Amazon (affiliate link)

5. Hanging Lamp

Coconut hanging lamp

Now these are absolutely awesome! They are available on Amazon here (affiliate link).

I am sure that you could go through all the trouble of crafting your own, but I usually stay away from anything that involves electricity. Sometimes, it’s just best to leave things to be done by Pros. And this is one of those things.

However, it doesn’t mean that you can’t have your own amazing lamp set that looks insanely natural and nice. It has 7 lamps made out of coconuts and you can easily plug it in a socket to light up any place. Absolutely amazing in my opinion!


I hope you enjoyed my coconut craft ideas and that you’ll put them to good use as soon as possible. Or simply take advantage of the “shortcuts” that I offered and get them from the store. I know that things you do with your own hand become even more special, but some – like those amazing lamps at #5 – are really difficult to craft and easier to be bought.

If you have other ideas of DIY crafts involving coconut shells, don’t hesitate to let us all know by sharing a comment or two below.

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