Best Homemade Christmas Tree Decorations & Ornaments for Kids (DIY & How to)

We already covered Snowman Crafts with the previous article Easy Snowman Crafts for Toddlers, so we thought we need to cover some Easy Christmas Tree Decorations for Toddlers as well. The cold weather will force us to spend more time inside, so I don’t know about you, but I’ll need plenty of ideas to keep my 3-year-old from getting bored.

Every time we go outside, to get him to kindergarten, the weather is colder and colder, and he seems happier and even happier…definitely he doesn’t take after us, we hate cold weather. He got excited today that steam was coming out of his mouth, so I think he’ll be one of those people that loves winter. So for him these easy Christmas tree decorations crafts will definitely be so much fun!

Check these activities out and gather your supplies so you’ll be ready when there is not much to do outside and he had enough of painting, play-dough, singing, dancing, and other similar inside activities.

Straw Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Craftsbycourtney

In our house we never run out of straws. Our 3-year-old loves drinking with a straw, he’s lazy I suppose, but it’s less messy, so I still win. So besides pretty colorful straws you’ll need some good fast glue, you can be in charge with that, some pom-poms or little glittery ornaments to dress up the tree after it’s done. Make the trunk out of 2 equal cut straws and cut some other straws in different sizes, and make sure one is smaller than the other so your kids can arrange the straws in size order. Let him decorated with a few pom-poms, add a loop from string at the top, so you can hang it in your Christmas Tree, and you’re all done.

TP Rolls Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Creatifulkids

I assume, if it’s not your first visit here, that you already know, from the title, that this gets me excited. I must confess I need to save up some more toilet paper rolls, who knew I’ll need so mane for just one project, but I’m sure it’s worth it. You’ll need at least 15 TP rolls for the tree and one for the trunk. You’re kids job is paint them all green, inside and out, except the trunk which will be brown. Stash them like bowling pins, one on top of the other, and glue them together, you can do this first so you don’t waste too much paint on spots that it can’t be seen. After your kids paint it and it dries, it is time to decorate it with normal ornaments. You can punch wholes on the rolls so they can slip the decoration loop thru and you can tie a knot, or teach them to do it.

Pine cone Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Thewoolacorn

They can either paint the pine cone green and glue little pom-poms on, or directly adding paint, or glue decorations on the pine cone and you’re done. I used to let my kid, when he was 2, supervised of course, paint it with nail paint. I dip the brush in, make sure it doesn’t have too much paint on so it doesn’t drop on things I still need, His High chair was so useful with this, and let him paint scales as many colors as I had, like decorating a real Christmas tree. I had the advantage of owning at least 6 different colors that I bought to make my husband a special coffee cup with my son for his birthday a few months back.

Twig Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Easypeasyandfun

You can glue everything on a Popsicle stick, and have the twigs cut like the straw, as I told you a little earlier, one just a tiny bit bigger than the other so your kid arranges them after their size. Glue any kind of cute tiny decorations on, add a string loop at the top and your tree ornament is ready.

Ribbon Christmas Tree

Photo Credit: Firefliesandmudpies

Any shade of green and brown ribbon will work. It’s better they are all thin. Get a stick and show your kids how to tie knots of ribbons on to it, the size of the ribbon does not matter, as you will trim them to form a Christmas tree after they are done. Two knots for each ribbon, but not too tight so you can press all the ribbons close together and have room for others until the stick end. Tie a string loop at the end and you have your Ribbon Christmas Tree ready.

Salt Dough Christmas Tree

Photo credit: Messylittlemonster

This is the most popular ornament to make at home. It’s great for keeping memories alive and make sturdy ornaments with your kids. For this salt dough recipe you need one cup of salt, two of flour and one cup of water. Mix the flour and salt in a bowl and slowly add the water while you keep stirring, and keep doing it until the dough is light and not too sticky. Knead the dough and use a rolling pin to make a sheet. You can paint the dough with acrylic paint, and even cut the dough with cookie cutters.

Don’t forget to make a hole with a straw at the top so you can hang it in a tree after it dries. Your kids can add painted fingerprints as ornaments and you can add the date with a sharpie on the back after it dries. Speaking of drying, you’ll need to leave it for a few days. Inside is preferable as outside can get too humid, and I rather not dry it in the oven, though you can, as I want to make sure the temperature is not too high as that could cause it to brake. You can seal it with varnish or mod podge and it could last you forever… or until someone drops it from their hands.

I hope I could inspire you with these Easy Christmas Tree Decorations for Toddlers, and you’ll start right away. You can never be too early with Christmas decorations, even if you just make them, and not put them up. You can always come back for more awesome ideas and articles, or just subscribe to our website to get them right away.

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