7 Cute Ideas For Paper Mache Objects And How To Make Them

I like working with paper mache. I find it easy to make and working on your ornaments doesn’t take too much skill. I’ve made a skull once, for a Halloween party, and glued ping-pong balls instead of eyes. It was fun, but the only downside is having the patience to let it dry. Maybe that is why polymer clay that dries in the oven is more famous, it does not take long to dry and your patience is not tested.

Nevertheless, when you’re doing more crafts at the same time, you won’t feel the time passing by. But I still like the fact that I can work with it without drying too quick and I can always add up to my model, or take off it, if I’m not satisfied with the results. Gives me room to handle my objects.

I searched for some cute ideas on what can be made out of paper mache, and mostly things that should be fun to look at and my toddler can help me with. And I found some very nice stuff that I think you’ll enjoy as well. Every ornament has instructions on how to make them, and if you follow them I’m certain you can become a pro in no time.

There are several paper mache pastes that you can use. There are flour based pastes and glue ones too. I found a few options and their recipe here, so you can try them or just take a pick and see if it works for you as well. I personally like the glue based paste, simply because I trust it more to hold. I make it from 1 part water and 4 parts glue, and I like to work with soft toilet paper for details and newspaper for the big picture. There is the strategy that you mix the paper in the glue and make like a paper clay that you can shape as you desire and then add thin paper with the glue paste little by little to get the surface smoother. Or just start by using balloons, cardboard shaped as desired, bottles, cans and so on as a base for what you’re making. And you’ll see next what you can do from that.

1. Big animal heads

Here are the instructions for it, and to be honest the result is majestic

2. Full sized small animals

I love the cute owl and I think you can make it to be funny and colorful too. Here is how to make it.

3. Colorful cups

I like this one more because you can make any painting you want on them and they look so fancy too. Here is the do it yourself article.

4. Fun vase

This paper mache vase tutorial makes it look so simple and fun to make your own vase at home, cheaper but much nicer than the ones in the store.

5. Tree bark

This realistic tree bark looks so neat, and you only need a can to make it, as instructed here.

6. Mushrooms

These seem so easy to make that I think I’m gonna try them myself soon, and I’ll find how to here.

7. Witch hat

If you like Halloween, this hat makes as a great decoration for your home, and you can ornate it as you wish. Just follow this DIY article and you’ll have your hat in no time.

I don’t know about you, but I can’t wait to get my hands dirty and use some of these ideas for myself. I hope you enjoyed this article and you are always welcomed to show me your crafts using paper mache. You can subscribe for more articles like this, and we’ll keep you inspired.

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