7 Funny Things All Women Do, but Never Talk About

Contrary to popular belief of 90% of the male population, ladies to poop and fart and do other terrible stuff they’re nor really open to talk about. So today I decided to bring a boost of humor to this blog and share with you 7 weird and funny things that all women do (but they don’t want to talk about).

Ladies, I am sorry for sharing our secrets with the guys out there, but I believe that it’s time for them to find out about them. It’s all for a good laugh, in the end so it’s all worth it!

1. Store stuff inside their bra

Have you ever wondered where do the ladies keep their money, car keys and maybe their lipstick when they wear a one piece or just a dress? Yup, it’s their bra that provides storage for way more things that you could imagine!

2. De-wedgieing

Well, we might be used with the thongs, but getting a wedgie is never a good feeling and we’ve learned to perform a de-wedgieing while standing and talking to a guy about their favorite latte.

3. The tampon secrecy

It’s not like any lady would start yelling that she’s on her period and start wielding her tampon like an ancient sword. Women become real magicians when it comes to hiding a tampon and going to the bathroom as if nothing’s going to happen.

4. Makeup ‘n wardrobe to stay in

Sometimes, we love to feel pretty and be pretty. Even though that’s a bit creepy, we love to dress up and getting done up just to spend the night at home watching a movie, alone, or reading a book.

5. The bag trick

Most ladies always carry a bag not because they need to carry around millions of items for make-up. No, they can be perfectly used to avoid unwanted conversations when passing by someone: simply put your head inside the bag like an ostrich and move on. Problem solved.

6. Adjusting the boobs

Really, now, we’re aware of them and we’re aware they’re there. We are also aware that they’re not always in the perfect position, so we adjust them whenever we get the chance. And sometimes we like being “caught” when doing it.

7. Fart & poop like it’s doomsday when they’re alone

Home alone or being lucky enough to enter the bathroom when there’s nobody else inside? An inner devil is unleashed from the guts of all ladies and we’d make every teenager movie that ever had a toilet scene shy away in front of our greatness. Because, yes, ladies do get loud in the bathroom when they poop.

So, there you have them – seven secrets that women don’t tell. So, ladies, if you have anything to add – now is the moment of truth. If not, do exactly what the boys will be doing: share this funny stuff with the world!

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