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About Us & Affiliate Disclaimer

Welcome to Ranking Squad! We are a team of passionate writers who understand the value of time (and money), as well as the power of research. Therefore, we have decided to create this blog that will help you save big in all aspects, as we’re sharing with you only the best products in different categories, after actively and intensely doing the hard work for you: the research.

What we do here is basically choose a topic/series of products and start turning the internet upside down searching for all the details that we can find about the given product/service/topic. Based on reviews coming from all over the world, our own experience and/or testing, we then create the appropriate list where you will find the best products based on the conducted research and personal opinion. We’re basically doing what you would do too, but save you the time required to go through tens or hundreds of products to create your shortlists. Why search and lose time on million web pages when we’ve done that for you already and we’re sharing the conclusion?

We strive to keep our lists here at Ranking Squad complete and detailed, presented to you in a professional manner and as honest as possible based on the information we gather, but remember that these are personal opinions (sometimes based on other personal opinions) so check out all products carefully to make sure that they indeed fit your needs. The links that we offer to products are usually part of affiliate programs, but this does not influence:

a) Our opinion on the products or the products/services that we choose. In other words, we try to find the best and share them with you, without paying attention to brand or price.
b) The purchase price of the presented items. In other words, the products we link to will not be more expensive than the same products you would find by searching for them, by yourself, on the same website. (e.g. a product on Amazon will have the same price if you access it by following our link or by searching for it directly on Amazon’s website)

In other words, we’re just earning a very small amount for all our research and service provided. You don’t pay extra and you don’t even have to make a purchase! We do all the hard work for you and we’re striving to be the best at it! The choice is yours to make!

So Ranking Squad is a participant in the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, an affiliate advertising program designed to provide a means for sites to earn advertising fees by advertising and linking to amazon.com.