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Beenigma Bee Venom Cream Review


Beenigma Bee Venom Cream is available on Amazon for a price that few would consider cheap – but you should remember that paying for quality is always a good idea! Let’s find out more about it in our Beenigma Bee Venom Cream review!

The name of this cream makes it easy to figure out what it is made of. It contains real bee venom from New Zealand. Keeping this in mind be sure you are not allergic to bee stings before using! Like you know from many household cleaning products, test in in an inconspicuous spot first. You may want to apply it to the top of your hand as many users have done – this will arrest fears of a reaction when applied to the face. As an added benefit, you may notice lines on your hands disappear so it’s a win-win situation.

Just like a great deal of people who have used Beenigma, I was skeptical when I first gave it a try. Women of a certain age are desperate to believe claims that make anti-aging promises. There are more than a few out there and we often end up wasting money on these products, usually finding out that they don’t work.

But in this case, things are different and it DOES work! Numerous women and several men agree that this product works: it reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles almost immediately. Incredible and you probably won’t believe it until you see it yourself!

It makes sense. When a bee stings a person’s body, the area plumps and swells. Beenigma follows the same course in a more controlled fashion. The bee venom makes the area where wrinkles appear tighten. Beenigma also contains Manuka Honey, which causes the skin to soften at the same time.

Therefore, Beenigma works best on finer lines and “crow’s feet”, places where the skin has become delicate over time, like below the eyes and on the lid. It is less effective on deep furrows like smile lines. This makes logical sense. The hands of time should not be expected to halt completely. One must keep reasonable expectations in mind – but reasonable means, in this case, more than most of the products I’ve tried offer!

When I used Beenigma, I was expecting a tingling sensation. I was certain I would feel something based on its claims. There was no reaction at all!

Beenigma goes on and remains silky and rich when you apply it, but I’ve seem at least one person complain that it is sticky and has to be removed with a cloth afterwards – probably just one exception. It is thick when compared to other lotions, but application is simple thanks to the small plastic spatula, which comes with the product and I never had any problems with it.

For those who love animals and all living beings, it is noted that the use of bees while making Beenigma is humane and ethical. This is especially important, as bees are an indicator of the health of our environment and our planet needs them so much!

The smell of Beenigma Bee Venom Cream is slight and pleasant. It does not interfere with other fragrances. Beenigma has passed the “smell test” among most users who have reviewed it on Amazon as well! Beenigma should be applied twice daily according to the manufacturer. On numerous occasions, I got away with using in once only and it works just great. At first touch, Beenigma feels different from other products on the market and I can say that I am extremely satisfied with it.

Even if money is tight, you can trust Beenigma to be worth the cost. You should always ask yourself how much does beauty cost and how much are you ready to invest to keep that youthful look on your face – you set the price! And beauty is, in my books, priceless!


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