Best 4K Ultra HD Smart Led TV: Reviews & Impressions

The 4K Ultra HD technology is the latest and the best technology available for home TVs, and if you really want to experience astonishing quality and impress not only your own iris but your entire family and friends, then an 4K Ultra HD smart LED TV should be on top of your priorities list. And since choosing the best model from tens of available ones might prove to be a real test, the Ranking Squad team decided to do the hard work for you and dig through all the modest to find the best out there (and we must admit, it was an extremely pleasing experience).

So without further ado, we have for you the best 4K Ultra HD Smart LED TVs listed below with all the information that you need, as well as links to the corresponding Amazon listings for even more details and a great price offer.

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Sony XBR-65X900A 65-Inch 4K Ultra HD 3D LED TV

01 sony 4k ultra hd Smart Led TV

Sony are well known for delivering some of the best 3D TVs on the market, and they have a great transition to the Ultra HD trend. Therefore, our first recommendation is a 3D 4K Ultra HD Led TV from Sony, the XBR-65X900A model that delivers the eye candy like no other product. What we love about it is the design – the most original on our list thanks to its front-facing speakers with 65 Watts of powerful sound. The Trilominos display assures that you get to see the brightest colors possible, while its hot function 4K X-Reality PRO Picture Engine with up scaling to 4K will turn everything on the TV’s screen into a delight for your eyes. This particular model is also available in 55-inch and 84-inch sizes and you can check them out all by following the link below. But until then, let’s check out the reviews!

Described by Sony as their best TV ever, it doesn’t fail to impress. The up scaling function is appreciated by most of the reviewers since it basically boosts any image (old movies, TV broadcasts, sports etc) to the 4K Ultra HD technology, and even though clearly not as good as native 4K which is becoming the trend for current filmmakers, it still is better than anything you’ve seen so far. Even DVDs and BluRays will look a lot better!

Finally, the sound quality is considered just as good as the overall product, with many deciding against installing a home theatre system because they were satisfied with the sound. Add to that the fact that you can watch full 3D movies at 1080p resolution, and you have all the reasons to be extremely satisfied: and the average customer rating on Amazon of 4 out of 5 stars proves that you wouldn’t be alone. Just go for the 65- or 84-inch models as there are some complaints regarding the 3D on 55-inch models.

Click here to check out the Sony XBR-65X900A on Amazon for more details and a great price offer.

Samsung UN65HU9000 Curved 4K Ultra HD 3D Smart LED TV

02 samsung

I’ve been a long time fan of Samsung and I am really happy to be able to recommend one of their products here on the list and do it while still being 100% objective. What is extremely interesting about the 4K UHD Smart Led TVs from Samsung is their curved shaped which apparently does wonders to the quality of the image and overall customer satisfaction. It’s simply the type of “just check it out and you’ll understand” product that really can’t be described in words. Oh, wait, it can: flawless!

With a native refresh rate of 120 Hz (awesome!) and nice features like voice and movement control, this smart LED TV from Samsung has everything you can want from a TV – although it can’t cook, unfortunately. It also comes with UHD upscaling, SD, HD, or full HD content to UHD-level picture quality, while the curved design offers not only the impression of a bigger picture, but also a greater sense of depth. It also has an Ultra Clear Panel that absorbs ambiental light, reducing the glare and allowing you to get the same great image quality at any moment of the day.

As expected, most of the people who have purchased the Samsung UN65HU9000 4K Ultra HD Smart Led TV have been extremely satisfied with the product. As a proof, we have the average 4.3 stars out of 5 on Amazon. People who have used this product praise it for an extremely varied number of reasons: from the fact that it’s extremely light to the great picture quality and amazing colors, but some complain about the fact that despite the curved design, watching the TV from the sides still loses some of the color quality, while others have found out that there are a lot of settings that you can lose your head with early on.

Click here to check out the Samsung UN65HU9000 on Amazon for more details and a great price offer.

Sharp LC-70UD1U 70-inch Aquos

03 sharp aquos

When we started our research for this list, we weren’t expecting a Sharp TV to be on top, but that’s what happened and we’re proud to announce our winner as the 70-inch Sharp LC-70UD1U 4K Ultra HD 120Hz 3D Smart LED TV. We can call it the Sharp Aquos, though, because I doubt anybody will remember all the acronyms and numbers. What matters the most is the product’s quality, and we have a ton of that here!

There are so many reasons that make the Sharp Aquos such an amazing 4K UHD TV that we don’t know where to start. First of all, it’s worth noting that it has an amazing price for the 70-inch display that it features and this did weight heavy in our decision. But the quality is here too, as it has all the great features you could wish for from a 3D Smart LED TV with 4K Ultra HD resolution: super slim design, the Revelation Upscaler feature that makes everything you watch sharper and more vivid, plus a really nice 35W Audio with DuoBass for an amazing sound experience. Another really nice touch is the Wallpaper mode of the TV which simply blends the TV into the decor! Pretty cool, huh?

Regarding the opinion of other people who have tried the Sharp Aquos, things are looking amazing: it has an almost perfect rating on Amazon with 4.7 stars out of 5, with people praising the price/quality ratio, with incredible picture quality and amazing color depth. The sound system is working flawlessly too with the DuoBass being able to deliver a smooth experience, while its functions and settings options are really useful and pretty straight-forward. All in all, this is a great TV even for those that are not extremely tech-savvy!

Click here to check out the Sharp LC-70UD1U 70-inch Aquos on Amazon

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