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Best Baby Swim Floats for Babies Aged 9 to 24 Months (Ranked & Reviewed)


With the summer season closing in, it might be the right time to look for the best baby swim floats because the little fellows deserve to experience the sea, ocean or pool water just like adults do. In their case, though, extra care is required and, as a parent of an 18 months old, I know how important child safety is. So I did a ton of research and chose for you the best baby swim floats for babies aged 9 to 24 months.

Remember that when we’re talking about baby swim floats, they must be the safest you can find – and still you wouldn’t let the little ones unattended. Also, they must be perfect for their age, and the baby swim floats you can see below ranked and reviewed are for babies aged 9 months to 2 years! Make sure that you choose the right one!

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Baby Spring Float Activity Center with Canopy

01 baby spring float

Created by Swim Ways, this is one of the best ranking products on Amazon and it has a ton of positive reviews, which should make it a top pick for you. Suitable for babies aged 9 to 24 months, it not only looks really cute, but it’s also safe and easy to carry around. It comes with a removable canopy that offers extra protection from the sun, as well as an interactive play station for the kids to enjoy if the water is not fun enough for them: squeaker, rattle, stacking rings, teether and soft touch star- these are all part of the deal!

In terms of reviews, as I have already said, they are extremely positive for this product: on Amazon it has an average 4.7 star rating out of 5, with people praising all its features and contents. Even though it doesn’t come with an air pump, it can still be blown up manually, so that should be no problem. A great pick and one of my favorites!

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Grow With Me 4-in-1 Swim System

02 swim system

A really good looking baby swim float, one that is extremely secure too. Please have in mind that this is intended for children aged 18 months and above!

It has a 3 ply vinyl baby boat seat with reinforced web core, while the whimsical drawings on it will keep the kids entertained and happy. Although it doesn’t have a ton of reviews, this product is greatly appreciated by those who have purchased it and it was even used on lower ages (although not recommended!). One reviewer considered it the best purchase of the summer, noting that kids all ages can use it, which is exactly what you might get too if you click the link below to check out this great product available for a super price!

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Swimline Clownfish Baby Seat

03 clowfish baby float

Sometimes, you don’t need something very complex with a ton of options. If that’s the case, the Clownfish Baby Seat might just be the perfect product for you. It is extremely safe since it’s really wide (so there are close to zero chances for it to flip over), and it also comes with a dual safety chamber design for increased safety. It has a really cute design and it’s extremely comfortable, both for the baby and the parent that will be around.

Although this product has just a few reviews on Amazon, it also has a nearly-perfeect 4.8 star rating out of 5, proving that those who have purchased it were extremely happy with it. Check it out and if you want something simple and cute, this one’s for you!

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Swimways Baby Spring Float

04 spring baby swim float

And we’re back to Swim Ways now for another great product. Simple and extremely comfortable, the Baby Spring Float comes with three designs: a really cute Ladybug, as well as Sports and Lily Pad. It also has a soft mesh seat for durability and comfort and fabric-covered inflation. It also comes with a carriage and storage bag, but the good news is that it doesn’t take a lot of room even when inflated, so you can easily store it inflated in a hotel room.

This one is also recommended for ages 9 to 24 months, and it’s just as good as the previous ones listed above. It’s up for you if you want more features and options or just something simple, comfortable and cute!

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So these would be our recommended products and best baby swim floats in our opinion. I would personally go for any of the top two because they offer a bigger bang forthe dollar with their extra options and features, but if you want something simple – we have that covered too. Have fun and be safe!


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