Best Baby Walking Shoes for Girls 12-18 Months Old in 2020

We can’t describe with words the joy that we feel when our little ones take their first steps – but we have to know that learning to walk is a lengthy process which should not be taken lightly: the first wrong step might lead to another, then another and eventually to walking problems and nobody wants that.

Fortunately, you can do it right from the beginning and we are here to help you out even more by sharing some of the best baby walking shoes for girls aged 12 – 18 months.

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This period is crucial and great baby walking shoes are not optional! Have in mind that they should not be worn at all times: it’s best to keep your little girl barefoot for as long as possible in order for her to learn the ropes of walking.

But when that’s not possible: when going out or for a visit or something similar, having the best walking shoes is a must. And that’s exactly what we’re here to share with you: a bunch of great baby walking shoes for girls in 2020!

We follow the recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics when it comes to choosing the first pair of shoes for your baby, which should be lightweight and very flexible, allowing their feet to move naturally.

It’s also recommended that they’re made of leather or mesh so their feet can breathe and rubber soles are also a good idea for the shoes in order to prevent slipping. Make sure that you select the correct size for the shoes listed below and you’re all set!

No need to search anymore because we have the best of the best listed in this article, after doing comprehensive research so that you don’t have to!

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Robeez Canvas Slip-On Baby Shoes

Best Baby Walking shoes for girls - Robeez

Not only that these shoes look absolutely amazing, but they’re also from a renowned brand that produces walking shoes for babies. They have the Seal of Acceptance from the American Podiatric Medical Association, an accreditation only awarded to products that promote natural foot function.

These sneakers feature a floral print all over fabric with pink leather trim. These adorable slip-on sneakers look great with leggings, shorts, jeans, skirts, or dresses and have an elasticized ankle design to make sure that they stay on at all times. The suede sole is an added bonus that makes them extremely comfortable.

If you like them as much as we do, click here to check the price!

pediped Jake Originals Sneaker

best baby walking shoes for girls 03

Another brand that has the APMA seal of approval, pediped comes with these great shoes that are more suitable for indoor use thanks to their anti-slip leather sole.

They are also cute and colorful, bringing extra joy every day! Click here to check them out and purchase them.

Momo Baby Girls First Walker Ladybug Shoes

best baby walking shoes for girls 04

These shoes are perfect for outside wear thanks to their flexible rubber soles that offer increased slip-resistance. The upper part is made of high quality leather and I absolutely love the design!

Just like all Momo Baby walking shoes, they have the APMA seal of approval, so click here to buy or just check them out.

Robeez Leather Baby Shoes

best baby walking shoes for girls 05

Just look how absolutely cute they are! Probably the cutest on the list and also of high quality: Robeez shoes are made from ultra-soft, flexible leathers that bend in all directions for added comfort. I love them!

If you do too, click here to check out their price.

Momo Baby Girls Leah Sneakers

Momo Baby Girls Leah Walking Shoes

Back to my favorite brand with another pair that is great for outdoor use – and you’ll be surprised with how durable they are! Comfortable as well – your little treasure will surely love it!

The nice design is youthful and happy, so click here for purchase options or to find out more.

Momo Baby Soft Leather

momo baby soft leather walking shoes

Just look how beautiful these are! Absolutely charming! Have in mind, though, that since they have a leather sole, they’re better suited for indoor use as they will wear down faster outdoors.

Click here to buy them or check them out.

Pediped Originals Daisy Sandal

best baby walking shoes for girls 09

We’re rounding up our list with another great pair from Pediped. Made of leather and with a leather sole, this sandal is cute and perfect for baby girls learning to walk.

Click here to check out their price.

Juicy Bumbles Soft Sole Butterfly Shoes

At the moment of writing this article, these shoes are the best selling walking shoes in the baby slippers category and everybody seems to love them.

They have a really nice design indeed, are comfortable and made of leather – including leather soles, which makes them ideal for indoor use. They also have elasticated ankle holders so that they’re securely in place.

You can check them out here.

Robeez Girls’ Rainboot

Rainboot walking shoes

This pair of rainboots is soooo cute! I love them and I am sure your children will love it as well because, despite the synthetic look, they are comfortable and easy to wear. Definitely check them out – no reason for your toddler to stop walking if the weather outside is not ideal!

Click here to see the price.

Kimi + Kai Leather Walking Shoes

Clothing items don’t have to be red or pink in order to be considered “for girls”. Actually, we encouraged our boy to wear whatever he wanted and liked – even if that meant bright pink Frozen-themed socks.

This means that girls can wear blue as well and this particular pair is extremely beautiful in my opinion. Plus, it’s really good quality overall: the soft suede leather sole prevents any slips, the elasticized ankle holder ensures stability and the lambskin leather used is nice and comfortable. A great pair of walking shoes, for sure!

Click here to check them out.

And this is it! The pairs above are our recommended, best baby walking shoes for girls this year. Don’t forget to choose the right size when ordering to make sure that they fit perfectly (there’s also a size chart on each page to check out)!

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