Best Cheap Longboards for the Money in 2018

Longboards are becoming more and more popular for adrenaline junkies thanks to the added speed they have over the classic skateboards – not to mention the fact that they can look really, really cool. And with increased demand, prices tend to drop so you shouldn’t be surprised to find that you can buy some really high quality cheap longboards.

We’re here to help make that decision as simple as possible by sharing the best longboard for the money on the market right now on our list of the best cheap longboards of the year 2018 (all under $100 at the moment of writing this article, except for the Atom Longboard).

When we chose the winners on today’s list, the top two things we looked at were durability and performance. The design of the board also mattered, but since people have different preferences when it comes to this, it didn’t matter that much (however, we did choose boards that we consider to have an amazing design). Either way, I am sure that our top 5 choices presented below will feature your next favorite longboard you can buy for cheap. So let’s not waste a single second and let’s check out below the best cheap longboards you can buy!

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Backfire Cruiser Through Longboard


This is the cheapest longboard on our list, but one that still amazes in terms of durability and performance. The truck is made of aluminum, which keeps it light but also very durable. The 70mm wheels also have a 70% rebound factor, meaning that they are perfect even in rougher terrain conditions and ideal for downhill carving. The deck itself is made of sugar maple veneer, which makes it durable and also very flexible, mo matter if the person on the board is lighter or heavier. All in all, this board is great for turning and for cruising around, as well as getting some speed where this is an option. And it’s probably impossible to beat the price of this one!

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Rimable Drop-through Longboard


First off, I have to say it: this longboard looks amazing (and there are multiple design options if you don’t really like the model I’ve chosen and shared above). But it doesn’t only have the looks, it also has the quality for a really low price! We’re talking about a 9 ply board made of maple wood, one that’s extremely durable and can handle heavier people without a problem. It can go very fast and turns easily – so it’s not too stiff – making it perfect for cruising around the town or campus, as well as longer distance riding. The wheels are also of very good quality and most of the people who have tried this board were extremely satisfied (as a proof we have its average rating of an impressive 4.4 stars out of 5 on Amazon at the moment of writing this article!) An awesome board!

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Krown Rasta Freestyle Longboard

Another maple wood-made board that’s perfect for beginners, as well as more advanced riders. Its wheels and deck are designed to be a good all-rounder to serve you – but make sure you check that the screws on the truck are tightened as some people using this board complained that they were not. Not a very big deal though as long as you know about it and tighten them a bit yourself! It still remains a really good board for the price that turns very well. It also has a nice drop-thru shape and design. The wheels don’t look like much, but once you take a closer look (or, even better, get to test them), you see that they’re actually really good. Safe and durable, this is a longboard that will score parents a lot of mom/dad points, as well as a lot of style points to those using it.


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Quest Super Cruiser Longboard


Another really great option here with a great 44-Inch longboard whose deck is made from multi-ply hardwood maple and beautiful bamboo, for the extra points in style and elasticity. This board is simply amazing and it is, at least at the moment of writing this, the number 1 best selling longboard on Amazon – but I am sure it will stay there on top for a long time. It also has an impressive number of positive reviews, scoring 4.3 out of 5 stars from over 1,100 reviews! In other words, it’s not just us who claim that this is one of the best longboards you can get for the money, but also hundreds – if not thousands – of people who tried it. Durable, great, best for the price! Highly recommended!

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Atom Drop Through Longboard


Atom Longboards are not necessarily cheap, but they are really good so I decided to include one on our list to offer this option. It normally sells for a bit over $100, but it’s worth the money if you want to spend a bit more. This is a great board for beginners and we’d like to single out the wheels which are of really high quality! Apart from that, we have a deck made of 8-ply Maple laminate, the graphics are transferred through heat (making them more durable) and the truck is made of solid aluminum. Personally, I don’t see why you would spend about twice as more to get this board compared to the others, but if you want a slightly better board which is especially suitable for beginners, this one should do. If you don’t have the money to buy it, don’t worry: all the other recommendations we’ve had for you are great too!

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These longboards have been tried and tested and we are sure that you can’t get anything better for the money. So choose the one you like the most and buy it – we’re sure you’ll love it!

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