Best Cheap Microphone for Vlogging in 2017

Today we’re continuing our series about vlogging gadgets with the best cheap microphones for vlogging in 2017. We’ve already checked out the best cheap laptops for vlogging this year, but we won’t stop here. The truth is that you always need a great mic if you want your vlogs to sound professional and the good news is that you don’t have to pay a premium price to get a premium product. There are a lot of cheap microphones that are great for vlogging and offer great sound quality. We’ve checked a lot of them out and we’re here to share with you our findings: the best cheap microphone for vlogging in 2017!

Why choose a standalone microphone for vlogging? Even though most cameras and even headsets come with built-in microphones nowadays, these are usually of pretty low quality. This means that the sound quality will be really poor in result and your videos won’t sound professional: you can’t build a brand and be successful with built-in camera mics! You really need a stand alone microphone for vlogging and you can easily get one without breaking the bank!

We’re starting the list below with the cheapest option available, then we’re slowly moving up to more expensive products, so you can easily stick to your budget and still get an amazing microphone that will do a great job for beginner vloggers, but more advanced ones as well. So without further ado, here are the best cheap microphones for vlogging in 2017!

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Tonor TN12326


The cheapest microphone for vlogging on our list actually looks really good – just like any pro mic would! And despite its extremely low price, it delivers great performance for the money!

It’s true, you will have to always be relatively close to the microphone (2-3 feet) in order for it to get the best sound quality, but in most cases we don’t need to be farther anyway. It also has a long 6 feet/180cm cable which makes it extremely easy to place it anywhere you need it. Apart from that, it’s a plug in and play microphone that needs no drivers or additional installation steps. Just have in mind that it does not work with Macs and it uses a 3.5mm jack (which most laptops and computers have) and not USB!

The mic is very light, which might be a con for some, but not really important for most people. However, for the price, it delivers an extremely good sound quality and it also looks very professional, which would give your videos a bit more credibility. So if you’re on a tight budget and you need a pro microphone, this could be your best choice: just remember to keep it close to your mouth for the best sound results!

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Audio-Technica ATR3350


I don’t consider lavalier microphones as the best options for vlogging, but if you really want one, we have it on our list as well. And it’s a cheap one that does a good job too, so you have no reasons to complain!

The price comes with some minor technical cons, like the fact that it’s wired (although it has a nice cable that’s 6 m / 20′ long). It also works with LR44 batteries and the adapter is sold separately (or you can get new batteries as well). These are mostly annoyances instead of actual Cons, but they have to be said.

However, what matters the most is the sound quality and the Audio-Technica ATR3350 delivers a surprisingly clear and crisp sound, while also being able to mask most of the noise around you. There’s a nice video review on in the comments section showing the microphone in action and you will surely be impressed with the great sound quality it produces! So if you’re looking for a lavalier microphone for vlogging, this is a great choice for you!

US & World: Check it out here for more details and buying options.
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Blue Snowball iCE


Pewdiepie, one of the biggest and best known vloggers on YouTube used microphones made by the same company who’s behind the Blue Snowball in the past and he had no complaints as far as we know. And even without Pewdiepie’s approval, this is still an amazing microphone. As a proof, we have the fact that it’s the #1 bestselling Multipurpose Condenser Microphone on Amazon at least at the moment of writing. It also has an impressive 4.4 out of 5 rating out of over 1,900 reviews, which proves that it’s a really high quality mic for vlogging. And it looks amazing!

It has many positive things, but it only offers cardioid recording (unlike other more expensive in the Blue Snowball line which offer more recording modes). However, even with just one option available, it still offers amazing sound quality and you will have no reasons to complain! It does a great job at picking your voice only and very little of the background noise. It’s also pretty heavy, which is a bonus for most vloggers out there and it offers USB connection instead of the 3.5mm jack. It’s a very good product and the one I would actually pick as the best on our list here if we take in consideration its price as well as the performance.

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Samson Go Portable Mic


If you do most of your vlogging at home or in the same room / place most of the time, you should skip this option. I have actually picked it and sharing it with those vloggers who are constantly on the go and need a dedicated microphone for vlogging which is highly portable. This one offers that for a great price, while also delivering great sound quality!

This is an USB microphone, so it will only work with laptops, computers and Macs (so normally not with phones or tablets – but this problem could be solved with an adapter), but since it’s easy to carry around, it’s really a treat. So those who travel a lot, digital nomads and those who change locations for their blogs will find this as a great option. It’s also very small – at least when compared with other standalone microphones.

There is also a video review showing the Samson Go Mic in action on (the first link below). Make sure you check it out to see how great this portable mic really is!

US & World: Check it out here for more details and buying options.
UK & Europe: Find out more and buy it now here.

Samson Meteor Mic


This is the most expensive option on our list (but still at a good price) and obviously a great microphone for vlogging or recording podcasts or anything else actually that requires a good mic! This is a Cardioid microphone that gets crystal clear sound quality and ignores all background noise easily. It sounds great and delivers for the money, although for an untrained ear, the sound quality is similar to that of the Blue Snowball which usually sells for a lower price.

The Samson Meteor has a few advantages, though: it comes with a really large diaphragm (25mm) which offers better sound quality, making it the better option for musicians. It connects via USB and the microphone itself has a dedicated headphone jack. The tripod is also adjustable, meaning that you have more freedom when it comes to placing it for recording the best possible sound. It also looks very much like an expensive, professional mic, so that’s a bonus as well!

All in all, the Samson Meteor Mic delivers great quality even for those who need more than just voice recording and even though it’s normally the most expensive on our list, it’s worth the money!

US & World: Check it out here for more details and buying options.
UK & Europe: Find out more and buy it now here.

There you have it! Five different choices for the best mic for vlogging this year. All the options presented above are great and I am sure that no matter which one you pick – the one that fits your needs and budget best – you will be extremely satisfied.

As I said, if no other special requirements are in play, I would go for the Blue Snowball iCE without thinking twice, but it’s good to have more options in case you need something slightly different.

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