Best Double Jogging Strollers for Twins or Siblings

Even though one would think that you’re doing all your running around the house if you have twins, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need the extra exercise or give up your jogging schedule. Having a baby – or twins – shouldn’t be a problem when it comes to jogging and in order to help you get that done together with the little ones (who will also love the fresh air, by the way!) we’ve decided to share with you the best double jogging strollers for twins or siblings here, ranked and reviewed, after we did a ton of research so you no longer have to do it! No matter which of these products you choose, we are sure that you will absolutely love them and get the most out of them!

The even better news is that we have them ranked based on price – so you don’t have to spend a fortune if you don’t have it and still enjoy a high quality stroller for twins that’s also great for jogging. We have three amazing products selected for you below and you can check them out right now if you’re looking for the best jogging stroller for twins!

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InStep Arrow

01 best jogging strollers for twins

Our budget entry is the InStep Arrow by Schwinn – this is a decent jogging stroller for twins with some nice features. It is also extremely light (the lightest on our list) so if that matters to you, this is the one to get. It is a three-wheeled stroller with the front wheel fixed, which means that you won’t have any stability issues when jogging. However, this means that it won’t be too easy to use this as an all-day stroller because the fixed wheel makes it extremely difficult for it to be maneuvered. So always remember that: fixed wheel is great for jogging, the rest of the wheels are great for regular usage (but not so much jogging).

Apart from the fact that it is great and stable for when you’re running, this stroller also has some other nice features: each seat can be reclined independently for example, it has a bicycle hand brake to control it easier and the wheels are big and durable. The people who tested it seem to be extremely pleased with it, the InStep Arrow stroller getting an average rating of 4 stars out of 5 on Amazon, which is really good. It folds nicely and it is easy to store, but it’s not a perfect product. It does look a bit cheap and the sun shade is a bit small and doesn’t extend down, so you will need to purchase a weather shield or something similar if you think you need one. Still, for the price of the product, the InStep Arrow is a great choice and it will do its job well. Just make sure that when you’re not using it you keep it protected from the elements as one reviewer noted that it can rust.

And if you want other goodies from your stroller and the sheer safety and usability when running is not enough, you should know that it also has an MP3 player, it is very easy to push and offers a solid grip thanks to its rubber grip which is also adjustable (extremely useful if you go uphill for example), it has a two cup holder and the suspensions are really good. So, as I said, for a budget entry, it does the job well!

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Baby Jogger Summit X3

02 best double jogging strollers

This is a stroller model that was launched in 2014 and tested ever since, so you know you’re dealing with a solid product. It also has a nearly flawless rating on Amazon (4.8 stars out of 5) which is extremely impressive and says a lot about the quality of this double jogging stroller. It has a lot of great features and it includes the fixed front wheel which makes it a perfect choice for jogging.

A bit heavy, weighting an impressive ~36 lbs, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has most of its weight distributed towards the back, making it feel a bit uncomfortable when both seats fully reclined – but I doubt you’ll do any running with the seats fully reclined anyway! But at least it offers the option to independently change the position of the seats and this comes in very handy. One of the things that everybody praises is the smart canopies which are not only extremely generous, but also smartly built, offering ventilation “windows” for those hot summer days – this is definitely something that everybody who tried out this product loved.

Another extremely important aspect to consider is the fact that the Baby Jogger Summit X3 has reinforced seats – a bar that goes down both seats, making them more comfortable and especially a lot safer and sturdier. Finally, it is foldable but it doesn’t stand when folded, requiring less space when you’re not using it. Many people consider this the best double jogging stroller on the market right now so this would be a really safe bet as there’s no real problem to complain about!

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BOB Revolution

bob revolution

The battle when it comes to double strollers or jogging strollers for twins is usually fought between the BOB brand and the Baby Jogger Summit X3 listed above. Both are extremely solid and good products and each has a huge following ready to swear that their favorite product is the best. Today, we have decided to offer the BOB Revolution the top pick because it is an extremely solid product and it also is a bit easier to use as a regular stroller and not just one for running thanks for the front wheel that has a locking mechanism (for when you’re running), but can swivel for regular usage.

Of course, this is not the only reason why we consider the BOB Revolution the best pick today. On Amazon, it has over 450 reviews and an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5, meaning that most of the people who have used this stroller were extremely satisfied with it. The canopies are large and do a great job when it comes to offering protection, while the seats are extremely comfortable and durable. They are also suited for older kids, with people reporting this particular model to be able to handle even 4-5 year old children without a problem. When it comes to running, this double stroller is indeed a bit heavy, but this means that it’s very sturdy and safe. It also has a nice suspension system ensuring a really smooth ride.

Just like all the models, it also folds easily, but it does need a bit of space even when folded. In the end, we’re talking about a double stroller, so it does need space! However, if you are looking for a really solid product, you can go with this one as it is our favorite. If not, the Baby Jogger Summit X3 above is just as good or if money are tight, the first one will do.

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