Best Ergonomic Office Chairs for Computer Work & Gaming

If you are like me and you spend most of your day sitting on a chair, doing computer work (or just relaxing with some PC gaming), you probably know how lower back pain feels like – as well as cervical pain. Part of the problem – if not most of it is the chair that you’re sitting on. You need a special, ergonomic office chair that is of high quality and perfect design in order to reduce the problems that you’re having and take the most important step towards getting rid of that horrible back pain you have to deal with on a daily basis.

But with so many options out there, which one is the best for you? We’ve done the research so you don’t have to and we’ve come up with the clear winners: the best ergonomic office chairs for computer work and/or gaming are here and we have ranked them based on their price: the lowest priced first and all of them great products delivering great value for money and, most importantly, a great ergonomic design that’s durable and helps you keep your health up. So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the best ergonomic office chairs ranked and reviewed below!

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H&L Office High Back Office Chair

01 hl ergonomic office chair

The cheapest chair on our list is also one of the best looking ones, in my opinion, with nice white and black touches. It offers lumbar support and is ergonomically enhanced for individual positioning at any keyboard or desk with pneumatic 18″ – 21″ adjustable height. It also offers tilt options and a tilt lock for vertical positioning – and I would recommend you keep it like that in order to make sure that you have a proper sitting posture. I like the fact that regular-sized people can also use the nice head support, which adds some extra value!

It is comfortable and the leather feels great. The folding arms give it an extra touch – although if you’re constantly working, you will always keep the arms up anyway. Finally, it is sturdy and durable, which is exactly what we want from an ergonomic office chair.

The people who have tried it have ranked it really high: it has a 4.2 our of 5 rating from 22 reviews and it is being praised for all the reasons mentioned above. It is a bit difficult to assemble and some reviewers consider it a two-man job, but it’s worth all the trouble, especially since it comes at such a low price.

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Boss Black LeatherPlus

02 boss black leatherplus

If you really want to feel like a boss, this office chair takes care of that for you: massive and impressive, the chair offers nice lumbar support and comfortable material, perfectly designed for prolonged working periods of time. You can adjust its height thanks to the pneumatic adjusting feature and you can also tilt it up to 30 degrees or quickly lock it in upright position using the handle on the right.

Although the LeatherPlus used is not 100% leather, it feels absolutely great and is extremely easy to clean. You will feel extremely comfortable in this chair thanks to its adjustable height function, but it might feel a bit too high even on the lowest setting if you’re 5′ 6″ or shorter. The Boss Black LeatherPlus chair is extremely simple to assemble with no extra equipment needed.

On popular retail store Amazon, over 1,600 people have tried this chair and it currently has an impressive 4 star rating out of 5. In other words, you will be extremely satisfied with it and you can use it without a problem for years!

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Serta 43506 chair

03 serta office chair

Named the “big and tall” executive chair, the Serta leather office chair that we’re recommending here is impressive and can hold up even the biggest of us – it can support up to 350 lbs! It has a nice pillow structure as you can see in the image, one that’s ergonomically designed to offer the body a serene and tranquil seating experience even when sitting for long periods of time. Just like all chairs, it comes with a tilt mechanism with a locking adjustment – and I again recommend to keep it in an upright position for best results.

One of the features that I loved the most is the adjustable lumbar mechanism which really offers a perfect placement depending on your height. This is a really nice touch and goes well with the overall stylish and classy look of the brown leather and espresso finish.

The Serta office chair doesn’t only have some great features and classy looks, but it also enjoys some really positive reviews on Amazon: over 240 people who used it gave it an average of 4 out of 5 stars, appreciating the extremely durable components, the comfortable design – especially for big and tall people. Even though a bit more expensive than the previous two chairs, it offers outstanding value for the money!

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Ergohuman Me7Erg Chair

04 ergohuman

If you’re ready for the big guns and you have a large budget to spend on your office chair, then look no further than the Ergohuman Ergonomic Office Chair as it is a real beast despite its fragile look in the photo. Made of metal and polyester, this chair is perfect even for those hot summer days as it allows for a nice air circulation and you won’t sweat as much as you would on a normal leather chair. Specifically designed for those who will be in their chair for more than five hours a day, the chair comes with adjustable seat height AND depth, including adjustable lumbar support by adjusting the height of the chair. It also comes with a nice, also independently adjustable head rest which is great especially if you use to relax watching videos or movies while sitting on the chair.

It offers all the goodies that office chairs have to offer, like tilt options, adjustable tension and locking in upright position. I guess I said it enough times already so I don’t need to state that it’s important if you sit a long time in your chair to keep it upright. All in all, great quality that comes at a decent price – but definitely more expensive than everything else we’ve got on the list. It does deliver, it’s true, but if you’re on a tight budget the other chairs will do as well – even though this one’s aiming for perfection with almost 4.5 out of 5 ratings from over 100 people who have bought and used it.

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When it comes to staying healthy, you should make the effort to invest a bit in your chair, especially if you spend a lot of time sitting on it – no matter if it is for office work or leisure. You have above what we consider some of the best options available today – if not the best ergonomic chairs on market at decent prices, so you’re covered. Now all you have to do is pick the one you like the most and enjoy!

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  1. I definitely think it’s about time I invest in a nicer chair like one of these. People always say you should spend good money on a mattress because you spend 8 hours a day lying on it. Well when you’re an internet addict like me, the same could be said about your computer chair…

    Now I’ve gotta decide if I just want another leather one or if I should opt for a more fancy one like the last one in this list.


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