Best Halloween Makeup Kits for Kids

With Halloween fast approaching, you should better prepare to create the dream costume for your kids (and, why not, for yourself) by using the best Halloween make-up kit there is. When choosing a makeup kit, you want the product to be easy to use and of high quality, but also one that doesn’t stick to the face for days after the celebrations are over.

We did the research for you and found the best Halloween Makeup Kits for kids and grown-ups too and we’re sharing the results with you below so that you don’t have to do all the research. They’re cheap, they’re of great quality and they are easy to use!

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Super Value Family Makeup Kit

01 super value makeup sety

Created by Rubie’s, a company that has 60 years of experience working in the costume field, this is clearly one amazing product that should cover all your needs, no matter what costume you’re going for this Halloween: from cutsie cats to scary witches and anything in between, the super value Family Kit for Halloween from Rubies has it all: 12 Color makeup palette, 5 colored makeup pencils, tooth black out, fake blood, glitter gel makeup, fake skin and applicators.

On Amazon, this Halloween Make-up Kit has an impressive rating of 4 stars out of five, with most people being very happy with the product. Although some are complaining that the make-up was a bit dry, most have found it to be exactly what they were looking for. This kit is also praised for offering much value for a small price and for going a long way.

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Hollywood Makeup Center

02 hollywood makeup set

If you want to go a bit more on the Pro side when it comes to creating that perfect Halloween look, Rubie’s Hollywood Makeup Center is surely the choice for you. Apart from the basic 8 color palette, 5 highlight color sticks, and 4 packets of cream makeup it also comes with extras like 2 sponges, 2 mini applicators, and 1 brush for easy application as well as 1 tube of fake blood and 3 blood capsules, plus scar wax, fake skin, black tooth wax, 1 packet hair color, and 3 glitter gels. Now that’s exactly what you need for a truly spooky Halloween experience!

The Hollywood Makeup Center has a great rating of 4.5 stars out of 5 on Amazon, with reviewers being very pleased with the results. People appreciate the fact that there’s enough make-up there to do many faces, while the huge range of goodies found inside offer endless possibilities for a perfect costume, while one person found out that it’s a lot cheaper if you purchase it on Amazon than from Halloween stores.

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Zipper FX Makeup Kit

03 zipper fx kit

This is an extremely focused makeup kit for Halloween, but it’s one of great quality so it had to be here: it allows you to show your guest everything about your “inner beauty” by using a zipper method that “peels” your skin away to show the flesh. Check out the image above to see exactly what it looks like!

This Halloween Makeup set is the #1 bestseller on Amazon in its category, and I am sure that says a lot about its high quality. The people who bought it are also very pleased with the product, saying that the zipper stays on for the entire night without problems and there’s a lot of make-up so you won’t even end up using it all. Easy to use and with amazing effects, this is a great make-up kit for Halloween if you’d like to be the spookiest person around (or let your kids be just that!)

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Now there you have it: our top three recommended make-up kids for an unforgettable holiday. Make sure that you’re ready to take some photos too!

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