Best Hoverboards / Self Balancing Scooters for 2018, Ranked and Reviewed

What we call “hoverboards” nowadays certainly doesn’t look like the cool flying boards that we first saw in the Back to the Future movies, but they’re still extremely fun to own and ride and are a step forward in terms of awesomeness.

If a little while ago the choices in terms of hoverboards (correctly called “self balancing scooters”) were very limited, today there are quite a few hoverboard makers and some are better than others. And since they are pretty expensive to just risk getting whatever you find to see if it’s good or not, we decided to do the hard work for you and go through a ton of hoverboards, then choose the best of the best and share them with you in this article.

So if you’re interested in getting a hoverboard / self balancing scooter, we have the best available on market (in our opinion, of course). So let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the best hoverboard / self balancing scooters for 2018 and beyond!

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1. Powerboard by HOVERBOARD

01 powerboard

The Powerboard is the best selling hoverboard / self balancing scooter on Amazon at the moment of writing this article and people are extremely pleased with it. It’s really fast, reaching speeds of 8 MPH, which is really fast for a hoverboard.

One of its best features is the incredible battery life – up to six hours – and it requires just 60 minutes to fully charge. It comes in various colors (White, Red, Blue, or Black) and has an airless rubber tire system that makes the tires safer and more durable. The led lights in front also add a nice touch to the whole thing, making it look cool and futuristic.

Just like any hoverboard, the Powerboard needs some practice (more or less, depending on how skilled you naturally are), but once you learn how to do it – and maybe take a few falls – you’ll find that it is extremely easy to control and steer, even at higher speed.

You can easily see from the ton of reviews on Amazon that this is a great fun product and usually those who give it a lower rating do so because of the learning curve… which doesn’t mean that the product is bad, actually. Just have in mind that it can only support a weight of 220 lbs. Works great for indoor use too!

Click here to check out the Powerboard by Hoverboard

2. Skque Self Balancing Scooter

02 skque

This is a little monster, but one you will love to ride! Not only that it’s the perfect choice for younger people (or at least those young at heart) thanks to its colorful design, but it also has some really huge wheels that make it safer, easier to ride and, well, look like a beast compared to other hoverboards.

It also has bluetooth capabilities, meaning that you can pair it with your mobile phone and play music as you go. Just like any self respected self balancing scooter out there, it has led lights and good battery life (fully charging requires 60-120 minutes).

Its maximum speed is 10 km/h (6.2MPH) and thanks to its larger size and sturdier build, it can hold weights up to 264LB. Learning to use it, probably because of its larger size, is a bit easier, but you still have to practice a bit before you’re fully comfortable with it.

It does seem a bit bulkier and somewhat slower, especially on the turns, but this also makes it safer and it’s still good fun! So you should really consider it, especially if you like the larger size and fresh design.

Click here to check out the Skque Hoverboard

3. Shareconn Hover Boost

03 shareconn

I was skeptical about this hoverboard because of its really low price and I had my concerns about it catching fire (as there were reports a while ago about some hoverboards but not made by this company catching fire and it was believed that cheaper models are more dangerous).

However, even though cheaper, the self balancing scooter from Shareconn seems really safe (it uses batteries made by Samsung, so I’m all fine with it right now).

The design is very similar to that of regular hoverboards, with the white coating offering it a minimalistic, yet very cool look. The sensor pads are very receptive to acceleration and steering and this model is fast (up to 15 km/h), while its battery lasts long enough to be able to fully enjoy it. It can carry a person that weights up to 264 lbs, so it’s suitable for adults as well. A good choice if you’re on a budget!

Click here to check out this hoverboard.

Now you have three amazing choices for a great hoverboard experience: your next self balancing scooter is here and I am really sure that you will enjoy using any of the ones on our list. Have fun!

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