Best iPhone 5 & 5s Cases of 2015

A new year has started and I am sure you want to have the best possible case for your iPhone 5 or 5s. The truth is that it’s the case that gives your device that extra bit of personality and greatness and we have done the hard work for you and checked out a few thousands (really, THOUSANDS!) cases for the iPhone 5 and 5s and selected the best of the best so that your device will be fresh and amazing in 2015.

I am sure that going through the list below will help you find something that you will really enjoy, so let’s not waste any time and let’s check out below the best iPhone 5 and 5s cases of 2015 – cases that you, your friends, and your device will enjoy greatly!

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Starry Sky & Waves iPhone 5 & 5s case

best iphone 5 cases 01

A three layer design, bumper back case, provides protection and prevents scratches, chips and dirt from accumulating and looks really cool. Check it out here.

Elephant Soft Case Rubber Silicone Skin Cover

best iphone 5 cases 02

A nice design that makes me think about exotic locations like India, and really sweet colors. Made of sturdy TPU material, it ensures the long life of your phone. And if you don’t like this particular model, there are 22 other available right here, so make sure you check them all out!

Orchid Pattern Hybrid Shock-Absorption iPhone 5 & 5s case

best iphone 5 cases 03

A three layer design, bumper back case, provides protection and prevents scratches, chips and dirt from accumulating – just like our first recommended case, but with a different design. High quality, just find the one that you consider looks best. You can check it out on Amazon.

Swimming Dolphins in Liquid

best iphone 5 cases 04

This is a really cool iPhone case and extremely innovative! You have dolphins swimming in liquid on the back of your device and that looks absolutely amazing! It is made of hard plastic, so it will eventually crack (if you’re not too careful) but those who purchased it are pretty happy with both durability and design, so it’s really worth trying out! Check it out here.

Disney Characters iPhone 5 & 5s case

best iphone 5 cases 05

All the classic Disney characters can be always carried with you on your device and ready to amaze you. The Stained Glass design makes everything looks even better, but the case itself is extremely durable and protects your iPhone flawlessly, just like the Disney cartoons protected you from monsters during your childhood. It’s really worth checking out here.

Shockproof, Drop Proof & High Impact iPhone case

best iphone 5 cases 06

If you know that you keep dropping your device, a high impact case like this one is a must for you. And shockproof cases don’t have to be bulky and ugly, they can also be pretty stylish and nice, just like this red & black case. It also has a locking kickstand that works both vertically and horizontally. If you like it as much as I do, you can check it out here.

Wood Texture iPhone 5 & 5s case

best iphone 5 cases 07

I really love the wooden textures and this is one of my favorite cases. It looks great, it’s classy,it’s light and protects your phone perfectly. I love it! Check it out on Amazon.

Wallet Case for iPhone 5 & 5s

best iphone 5 cases 08

An extremely innovative case, and one that looks really great and turns the case into a multifunctional device: you can store cards, cash and your device, all in a PU Leather Case that looks simply amazing. At the moment of writing this, there’s also a 65% discount attached to it, so it’s really a must buy – so hurry to check it out here while the offer still stands.

Hard Wood With Silicone iPhone case

best iphone 5 cases 09

I told you that I love wooden designs, and I had to share one more with you. This comes with nice hard wood touches and silicone for increased protection, all without losing a bit on the design side. If you like it, you can find it here.

My Diary iPhone 5 & 5s case

best iphone 5 cases 10

Again a multifunctional tool: great design that resembles a diary, it’s also a card holder, it’s specifically designed for hands-free navigation and the sparkly diamonds turn it into a great gift too. Check it out for a great price on Amazon.

3D Despicable Me Minions case

best iphone 5 cases 11

Who doesn’t love the cutesy minions from Despicable Me? I sure do, and I am sure that you might as well, so why not have one always close by with this great looking Despicable Me case for your iPhone 5 or 5s? Check it out here and you’ll fall in love with it instantly!

Lifeproof iPhone 5s

best iphone 5 cases 12

This is marketed as the thinnest, lightest all-protective case available for iPhone 5s. Dirt proof, drop proof from up to 6.6 feet (2 meters), water proof to 6.6 feet (2 meters) for 1 hour, this is a very popular and highly appreciated case for your device. It is one of the priciest on the list, but sometimes you have to pay that extra dollar for top notch quality. Check it out here for a great deal.

Retro VW Minibus case

best iphone 5 cases 13

Sometimes, you just want to keep it simple, with a retro design. We chose this one out of hundreds because we loved the color and the retro touches. If you agree, you can get it here.

Complete Multi Pro iPhone case kit

best iphone 5 cases 14

The case is just a small element of this complete kit to turn your iPhone into a real beast. It comes with a mini tripod features extendable/retractable legs for more precise positioning, pro lenses, display cloths and, of course, a case. If you’re all about photography, this really takes mobile photos to the next level, all for a really good price. Check it out on Amazon now!

These are our recommended cases for your iPhone 5 or 5s in 2015. Let us know which one is your favorite by commenting below!

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