Best Cheap BJDs (Ball Jointed Dolls) to Own Today – Under $300

I firmly believe that BJDs are the most beautiful dolls in the world. They look insanely real and so much work is being invested in creating them! They’re absolutely beautiful and seem… alive.

It’s enough to see a few and you will be forever a fan of ball jointed dolls. And today I have a nice treat for you, no matter if you’re an experienced collector or just getting into this hobby: the best BJDs under $300.

Usually, these dolls sell for small fortunes. It’s not uncommon for clothing items alone to sell for over $300 a piece – and this is one of the reasons why many believe it’s a hobby for the rich only. That’s not really the case, as there are fairly priced options as well – and you can check the best of the best in today’s article.

So if you’re looking for some budget ball jointed dolls that are still of high quality and won’t break the bank when you buy them, you’re at the right place!

We checked out tens of beautiful BJDs on Amazon – all of them selling for under $300 at the moment of writing this article – and some of them come fully equipped with all the items in the photos.

But make sure to double check the prices and especially the entire offer (with or without clothes/accessories) as these things could change at a later date.

We did our best to choose the most beautiful BJDs available on market right now and selling for a fair price. I personally thought that we’ll have very limited options, but I am happy to find out that it’s not the case. As a result, we have 10 beautiful ball jointed dolls to recommend below and I am sure you’ll fall in love with each of them.

So pick your favorite(s), get them ASAP before others beat you to them and make them part of your collection or, why not, family. You’ll see that they’re extremely rewarding and you’ll feel amazing in their company. Ask any BJD owner out there: it’s an activity that’s worth every cent spent on it!

Please note: All prices were correct at the moment of writing this article in October 2019. Prices can change with time. Check out all the prices before making the purchase to make sure they are still under $300!

Now let’s see which are the best ball jointed dolls you can buy right now. You can click the photo or the link at the bottom to check out each of these dolls, find more details and see more pictures.

Please note: We get commissions for purchases made through links in this article.

Yummy the Ball Jointed Doll

Yummy is the happiest companion you can get – and so sweet that you indeed can think that she’s made of candy. She’s not, fortunately – she’s made of resin and comes in a small size: just 17cm. But it’s all beauty and happiness!

It sells with free makeup and features a surprise gift, to make the entire package even more valuable. A good deal, overall!

Click here to get it on Amazon

Meng Meng Dollfie

A funny baby boy that has everything he needs to put you under his spell. This is a hand made product, crafted from high quality resin and looking absolutely amazing. You can’t help but love this doll!

It’s a small doll (17cm) but it comes with all the items you can see in the photos – all clothes, makeup and hair. This is a great way to have a complete BJD for a really good price – available here.

If you want just the doll with no clothes (but a lot cheaper), you can get it here.

Big Eyes, Pink BJD

This cute little princess looks really cute with her big bright eyes and large, fairy-like ears. She does seem a bit sad or maybe nostalgic, but that’s part of her charm, isn’t it?

The even nicer thing about her is that you get a doll with high quality hair that you can style however you want, plus a set of clothes and shoes, making the entire package offer a lot of value for the money.

The doll itself is 6-inch high and weighs about 500 grams and is very durable. A cute doll that you simply can’t ignore!

Click here to get it now

Steampunk Pullip Doll

I absolutely love anything Steampunk and even though BJDs usually don’t follow this route and go for a more fantasy, cute-filled route instead, I simply had to share this gem of a doll!

We’re also talking about the well known Pullip doll, so you know you’re talking about some high quality stuff. Attention is paid to all details and if you are like me and you enjoy Steampunk, this is the budget BJD doll for you!

Click here to get it from Amazon

Gemini BJD

This is a large, beautiful doll and I have to admit that the main thing that drew my attention in its case was the nice set of clothes (that’s included in the package).

The doll is 60cm (24 inches) tall and has 19 joints that can be bent as you want to in order to have her stay in various poses. A great doll for sure if you’re fond of larger ones.

And if you don’t particularly like the model pictured above, there are 9 different ones to choose from – so you’re definitely looking at a lot of options here.

Check it out on Amazon today

Green Haired Spirit BJD

A great model that works flawlessly with the BJD concept in my opinion. A fantasy creature that its creators call a “Spirit Demon”. I wouldn’t go that far with her nice features and big, bright eyes.

A kind spirit of the forest or even an elf – that seems to work better in my opinion. But no matter how you put it, this doll delivers good value for the money.

Have in mind that there’s one potential con to it: the head can’t be bent or moved as there’s no joint present there. But still worth it since it comes fully equipped.

Click here to check it out now

Cutiecate Pink Girl

As you can see for yourself, we’re talking here about one of the most lovable dolls on our list. Pink and cute and oh, so feminine… she is perfect for those looking for a new companion.

Even though she’s not made of resin (but vinyl instead), she’s still very natural and good looking. Great attention to details as you can see for yourself, plus 23 ball-joints so that you can bend her and arrange her any way you like.

Click here to get yours on Amazon


The listing for this doll has a very generic name that doesn’t do it any favor, so I had to name it somehow, even though I feel that I could’ve done better.

Either way, this is a very intriguing dool: its listing page refers to it as a “he” while I think it’s a “she”. Either way, this doesn’t matter that much: the overall feeling that you get from this doll does and she definitely has a ton of personality.

As a bonsu, the clothes are included and the size is pretty much decent as well, standing 16.5 inches tall (and weighing 1.2 kilograms). Follow the link below to find out more!

Click here to get it now

Dragon Princess BJD

A very impressive work has been done here to create this Dragon Princess, with those beautiful eyes and all those nice features.

Solid attention has been paid to clothing and accessories as well – and if you like them a lot, you’ll be happy to hear that they’re included in the price as well!

Even more, there are even more different types available on the page I’m linking to below, but I personally feel that this one’s the best option of the bunch.

Check it out on Amazon here

Big eyed unicorn girl

Last but not least, we have this big-eyed cutesy little BJD. With her unicorn-sweater and even a little purse, she’s extremely cute and you can’t help but fall in love with her asa soon as you see her.

A small school girl that’s apparently named Dara, she’s 10-inch tall and weighs 0.8 kg (about 1.7 pounds). Cute and nice, selling for a really good price. So make sure to check her out below!

Click here to get yours now

This is definitely an expensive hobby, but you don’t always have to spend fortunes in order to get into it or in order to expand your collection. I am confident that our findings above will amaze you and you’ll find at least a favorite and a new doll to get.

Make sure that you check out all the details on the dolls’ store pages to know exactly what you’re getting when ordering, and prepare to discover a brand new and extremely amazing world: the world of BJDs. It’s absolutely spectacular – one of the best hobbies out there!

[Update notice:] This article was initially published in September 2017, but it was completely update in October 2019 as most of the recommended models had been sold out.

So if you want to make sure that you do get your hands on these top BJDs, act fast or they might go out of stock as well!

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