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Best Oil Based Pomade for Thick & Thin Hair (for 2018)


Pomade has been making a more than welcome comeback recently, growing in popularity thanks to its rediscovered qualities. I mean, who wouldn’t want a cream that mixes the wet look of a gel with the pliability of a wax? That’s exactly what pomades offer! And I have some great news: you don’t have to go to the barber to get some, on the contrary! We have a list below featuring the best oil based pomade that’s perfect for thick hair (and automatically for thin hair).

Why choose oil based pomade?
That’s what our grandparents used (and no, it’s not as bad as it sounds). Apart from that, oil based pomades usually have way less chemicals in their composition, meaning that our hair and skin won’t be affected by the extra set of chemicals that water based pomades have.

Also, an oil based pomade is more water resistant, meaning that you don’t have to apply as often as you should do with a water-based pomade, even after washing your hair. Its biggest Pro is also its biggest Con, since this means that it’s a bit more difficult to wash off. But since you’re already looking for a great pomade, you most likely want one that’s easy to apply and which offers a strong hold – and not one whose effect disappears after a little while.

With these in mind, let’s not waste any time and let’s check out the best oil based Pomade for thick and thin hair to use in 2018! (And yes, I do consider the vintage looking tin cans a huge bonus!)

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Black and White Pomade


This is the classic pomade that Hollywood & music stars of the past used over and over again (there are rumors that Elvis Presley or James Dean used this brand). So you’ll feel like a top celebrity using this otherwise cheap pomade that still offers a great hold.

It’s not one of the strongest pomades out there, so if your hair is usually a rebel without a case, you might want to try the ones listed below. But for hair that doesn’t require concrete to mould & sculpt, this is a great choice. It also smells great, like most pomades out there!

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Layrite Super Shine Deluxe Pomade


Take this pomade into consideration as well: a water/oil pomade, it offers the benefits of both worlds and comes in at a great price. The formula has been recently updated, so it comes with a delicious vanilla flavor, but it holds just as good as the old recipe did.

The only downside, in my opinion, is that it has a little too many chemicals (since it is a water/oil mix), but if you are looking for a pomade that is easier to remove than others, but which can also last like oil based ones, this is the best you will find.

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Lockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade


It’s time to bring out the big guns with Lockhart’s Authentic Hair Pomade. This is an amazing product even for those with very thick hair that no other pomade manages to tame down. Heat resistant, sweat resistant and weather resistant, it offers a slight shine – almost matte finish. It’s impressive for most types of hair and you will definitely fall in love with it!

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REUZEL Medium Hold


This pomade is made in Holland and it proves that the Dutch know a thing or two about pomades as well! Not as strong as Lockhart’s, but still strong, it’s perfect for tall pompadours, tight slick backs, clean parts, and everything in between! An advantage of this pomade is that it also has beeswax as an ingredient, making it better heat-resistant than purely petroleum based ones. Bonus: it is one of the best smelling pomades you will ever see!

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Goon Grease Pomade


This is another pomade made by Lockhart’s Authentic, and it’s just as good as the previous one we’ve recommended! It offers the same heavy hold and it’s perfect even for the thickest hair out there. The difference comes from the fact that this one is shinier but without making you glow in the sun like Edward Cullen from the Twilight saga. It also has a manly, cologne-like smell with hints of citrus and cucumber.

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The products listed above are in no particular order: we consider them all great pomades, so just pick the one that you like the most and you will definitely be satisfied! These are, in our opinion, the best strong hold, oil based pomades of 2018!


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