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Best Online / Udemy Courses to Learn about Cryptocurrency: Basics, Trading & More


Cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are all the rage right now. Although more and more people are starting to learn about them and rush to catch the train while it’s still accelerating, there are still tons of profits to be made here. This is the currency of the future and, if you’re really smart about it, this is the trend that can get you insanely rich!

Many people did so in the online world in the past: it was the .com bubble at first, it was building spammy websites with duplicate content and still making a ton of money, it was building niche sites afterwards, selling your own courses and books… and so on. There will always be a wave to catch – but if you are too slow, you’ll miss it!

And if you are like me, you missed on all those opportunities. Don’t miss out on cryptocurrencies as well – they might be your chance of scoring big and changing your future into a better forever. The Bitcoin bubble is far away from bursting, so make sure that you jump in and catch the wave!

And if you know nothing about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, Blockchain, how to invest, how to turn them into real life money and so on, then you are definitely at the right place! I’ll help you change that instantly by sharing below some of the best courses online, available on Udemy, to learn about the cryptocurrency phenomenon.

If you know nothing about this new alternative type of currency or if you know a little, but you want to know more, get a firm grasp and become more knowledgeable, these online courses will do the trick for you. Just enroll, watch the videos and your world will change!

If you don’t really care about all the details below and you just want to check out the courses yourself first, here is the list:

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals
Cryptocurrency Investment Course: Fund your Retirement
Cryptocurrency Investment: A Step-By-Step Guide
Cryptocurrency Trading
Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment Opportunity

Now let’s find out more details about these great courses and what they will teach you:

Blockchain and Bitcoin Fundamentals

If you have zero knowledge – or almost no knowledge – about cryptocurrency, what Blockchain is and/or what Bitcoin is, then this course is for you!

Created for absolute beginners – like I was before enrolling – this course will teach you the key concepts and vocabulary surrounding the cryptocurrency world, including DAOs, DACs, Smart Contracts and more. The recently created currency, Bitcoin Cash, is also included in the list of things you’ll learn about here.

I personally consider this course the go-to resource for the complete beginners. It covers all the aspects that you need to be familiar with if you want to get a bit more in depth with cryptocurrencies and/or Bitcoin, so make sure you start with this one before moving on to the more advanced courses below. (Of course, if you already have this basic knowledge, you can skip it completely!)

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Cryptocurrency Investment Course: Fund your Retirement

After figuring out the basics, you should definitely go a bit more in depth. This course, for example, focuses on the investing side of Cryptocurrencies and offers valuable advice on this matter: currencies to keep an eye on, recommended currencies to invest in and details about Coinbase as a method of storing, buying and exchanging Bitcoin.

If you want to get into trading and riding the wave while it’s still high, this is a good course to enroll in! As with anything related to trading and especially stock trading, the advice here isn’t meant as a sure way to actually fund your retirement or get rich, but it’s extremely valuable nonetheless. It sets the foundation for you to be able to invest – and be smart about it!

I personally recommend enrolling in this course and the ones below in order to increase your knowledge about Cryprocurrency investing.

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Cryptocurrency Investment Course: A Step-By-Step Guide

Very similar to the recommended course above, this one also covers the basics when it comes to investing in Cryptocurrency. Basically, I could copy and paste the comments I wrote for the above course and they would still apply here as well.

After taking these two courses (or just one if you think that’s enough), you will know how to change your real money into your preferred alt coin, how to buy various cryptocurrencies from reputable vendors and exchange markets, how to keep your money safe and how to try to anticipate which ones are the next big thing out there.

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Cryptocurrency Trading

This takes things even further, offering videos with live trades so you can learn by the power of example. It also focuses, as its name suggests, on trading cryptocurrencies and you will become more confident about doing this on your own.

In this course, you have: an introduction to cryptocurrencies, the differences between major market & cryptocurrency exchanges, securing your cryptocurrencies, the basics of trading cryptocurrencies, examples of cryptocurrency trades, how to profit from initial coin offerings, and so much more!

This course has good ratings and is one of the bestselling courses on Udemy when it comes to trading with cryptocurrencies, so you have to try it out!

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Cryptocurrency Long-term Investment Opportunity

Most people are looking for get-rich schemes when it comes to trading or purchasing cryptocurrencies. And even though that is still possible at the moment, since cryptocurrencies haven’t reached the peak yet, it is smarter to look at this whole monetary revolution as a long term investment opportunity and plan your moves for the years ahead.

Just consider the fact that $100 worth of Bitcoin in 2010 were worth $75 million in 2017 (according to this article on the Washington Post) and you’ll know at what type of opportunities you’re looking at!

This course focuses on: investing in cryptocurrencies and increasing your value over the years. You will gain the necessary mentality to hold on to your coins for the long-term, as well as knowledge on how to identify currencies that are worth holding on to – and get rid of those that seem doomed to fail.

This is a more advanced course, so it’s recommended to take on this one after taking some of the courses recommended above, or if you already have a solid knowledge about all these.

Also, although not completely necessary, I would recommend having a bit more money on hand in order to invest. Don’t rush to spend all your savings on buying cryptocurrency, since you might end up losing them all – but do use a bit more than just a few bucks to actually get a feel of this. And someday, you several hundreds might gain some extra zeroes at the end! This is the beauty of cryptocurrencies right now – sky is still the limit!

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Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in general are still really new and the upwards trend will surely continue at least for a while. Market saturation is still at least a few years away and now is the best moment to start learning about and investing in cryptocurrencies. The courses above take you through the basics and give you all the tools you need to work on creating a great future in the wold of cryptocurrencies.


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