Best Side by Side Double Umbrella Stroller in 2018 (Ranked and Reviewed)

I remember that, before becoming a parent, I heard the term “umbrella stroller” and didn’t understand the fuss about a regular stroller that has an umbrella attached to it. Now, four years after becoming a parent, I know that they’re called “umbrella strollers” because they fold easily into a much smaller, easy to store umbrella-like item. And, even better, today I can share with you an article featuring the best double umbrella strollers of 2018.

I know that, once you become a parent, one of the most difficult challenges you’re faced with is choosing the perfect stroller. Things are a bit more complicated if you’ve been blessed with twins as you need even more advanced baby strollers which are safe, easy to maneuver and also fold in order to be easily stored. But worry not! I spent days doing all the research and now I am ready to share with you the best side by side double umbrella strollers of the year!

If you’re in a hurry, I am listing our top 5 recommendations below: you can just click the links to go directly to the store page and make the purchase. If you want to learn even more about these great strollers for twins or siblings close in age, we have everything in this article, plus reviews with Pros and Cons of the recommended strollers.

Until then, here are our recommended strollers (listed from cheapest to most expensive at the moment of writing this article):

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Why side by side double umbrella strollers?

We strongly prefer side-by-side strollers as opposed to front-to-back ones because they are most comfortable and are made in such a way that both babies will feel equal. Eventually, you will have fights on who sits in the upper chair and who sits in the bottom one. Plus, the baby on top can usually hit the one at the bottom with their legs, the ones at the top don’t have a good view… there are way too many Cons to really consider the front to back strollers as a solid option.

Side by Side double strollers, on the other hand, have just one major con if they’re well built otherwise, and all on this list are. Their con is that they are larger and take up a lot more space outside. However, they can be easily folded and stored, they are extremely safe and you will have no babies complaining about anything. They are, for most cases, the best choice in my opinion.

Now let’s talk more in detail about the best side by side umbrella strollers that I’ve listed above. We have a complete review of each with Pros and Cons so that you will make the best choice for your situation. The products below are listed from the cheapest to the most expensive, so it’s easier for you to make a choice based on budget as well. No matter which one you choose after reading the reviews, I am certain that you will love your new stroller – and your babies will too!

So without further ado, here are the best double umbrella strollers for 2018:

Kolcraft Cloud Side by Side Umbrella Stroller

If you’re on a really low budget, you can still find something that works great and does what it’s expected to do: transporting your children safely and folding in order to take up as little storage space as possible. But apart from that – and the low price – there are not many other things to praise the Kolcraft Cloud stroller for.

Two of the biggest problems I have with the Cloud Twin Stroller is that it comes with absolutely no storage space and we all know how important that extra storage is. So prepare to always carry around a bag or backpack with everything you need for your kids. To make things a bit sweeter, it does have a bottle/cup holder but I would’ve preferred it to be the other way around.

However, it is extremely light, weighting just 21 pounds. It folds compactly and it’s easy to carry around, although not extremely easy to maneuver. It does have some welcome features, like the must-have (for safety reasons) 3 point safety harness system, independently reclining seats and a Cool-Climate roll-up pad which can be… well… rolled up to increase air circulation when the weather gets hot outside. Finally, it has expandable canopies so that you can easily adjust them based on the weather outside.

Many people consider this budget stroller a perfect one for its price: it is durable, it is extremely light and it does a great job. Also, you can solve one of its biggest problems – the lack of extra storage by purchasing a storage bag for strollers (because of the way it’s built, we believe those for single strollers would work as well) and still end up paying a lot less than you would on a more luxury stroller for twins. Just have in mind that the maximum weight per seat is 35 pounds.

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Chicco Echo Twin Stroller

Although not as cheap as the model above, the Echo Twin stroller from Chicco can easily be included in the budget category. If it weren’t so heavy, we could’ve called it the perfect budget stroller!

Yes, it is heavy! Weighting about 34 pounds, it’s the heaviest on our list. Strangely, it is extremely compact and folds up really nicely to fit most trunks. And since you’re probably used to carry two babies around, its weight won’t be that much of a problem – but that’s for you to decide.

It is a really comfortable and durable double stroller, offering a storage basket beneath each seat for a total of 10 pounds, but no cup holder on the handles. Speaking of which, the handles are really nice, tall and comfortable, with a design that makes controlling the stroller a breeze. It’s actually really easy to handle it and push it, probably because of the added weight…

The seats are comfortable, as I mentioned earlier, with 4 independent reclining positions. They are also extra safe with 5-point harnesses. Another con that has to be mentioned is the fact that the canopies are a bit small, so they don’t offer a ton of protection, but they’re not completely useless either. The canopy problem is something that most umbrella strollers have.

It can hold up to 40 pounds per seat and can be used by babies as young as 6 months old.

All in all, this is a really good stroller for the money as long as you have no problem with its biggest con: the fact that it is really heavy.

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Maclaren Twin Triumph

This is one extremely popular choice, because celebrities have been spotted carrying their twins in it: the most notable being the former Hollywood power couple Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. You can imagine that everybody agrees that if it’s good enough for them, it should be good enough for you too. And fortunately, it’s not one of the most expensive on our list!

One of the nicest things about the Twin Triumph is the fact that it has a huge life span and could be the only stroller you need to purchase. It is suitable for babies aged 6 months and it can safely carry them around until they weight 55 pounds each. Now that’s a huge margin that parents will surely appreciate!

It folds quite nicely and is easy to carry around at about 23 pounds, while also offering a lot of storage: two baskets beneath the seats plus extra pockets at the top for extra smaller items – like paper napkins, diapers and anything similar in size. However, it does lack a cup holder.

But the Pros of this great double umbrella stroller don’t end here! It also has features that you rarely see elsewhere: its canopies are waterproof (you’ll be surprised to find out that most aren’t) and also offer UV protection (UPF +50) for those sunny days. It also has a wind-resistant raincover to protect your child from the elements, all while the canopies themselves can be operated individually and come in a large size.

Another great thing about this model is that it comes with easily removable machine washable seats – that’s something you rarely see at strollers these days, and another extra reason to consider purchasing the Maclaren.

In terms of security, you should have nothing to worry about: the seats (which can recline independently) have 5-point harness systems with 3 different height adjustments, while one of the handles has an extra strap you can wrap around your wrist to make sure that the stroller won’t leave your side ever. The only potential problem is that extra security comes at a price here: the harness system is a bit difficult to operate and you usually need both hands to do it, but it’s a price I’m always willing to pay for extra safety.

All in all, the Maclaren Twin Triumph is my favorite, and it has nothing to do that Brangelina used one. It is extremely well build, and despite not being the lightest around, it is easy to fold, easy to maneuver, it has great brakes and the kids seem to feel great when using it. Highly recommended!

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ZOE Umbrella XL2

Zoe strollers are not as well known as other strollers around, but this doesn’t mean that they are not good. On the contrary! This is one of the best side by side double umbrella strollers on market right now and it is considered the best in its category by some renowned publications (like Baby Gear Lab) and also has an outstanding ranking on Amazon: 4.2 stars out of 5, based on over 500 reviews.

For starters, this is the lightest stroller on our list (and I doubt that there are many lighter options in the world), weighting just 16 pounds. However, it can hold babies as heavy as 50 pounds, which is really impressive! It is also extremely easy to fold it and carry it around, making it a perfect choice (mostly because of its reduced weight) for people who travel a lot.

There are many bells and whistles this model has, one of them being a lot of storage space for cups: it has one parent cup holder, two cup holders for the babies and an extra one for snacks. Since all except for the parent cup holder and within the reach of the babies, this can get pretty messy – but it all depends on the kids. Alternately, you can skip the baby cup and snack holders and place a belly bar instead for extra safety.

But you already have your babies properly secured thanks to its 5-point harness system. The harness system has a nice, easy to open button which should be pressed with a bit of force though, ensuring that the babies or older children in the stroller won’t be able to make it work.

The seats are extremely comfortable and they recline easily, making sure that your little ones can take a nap if they get too tired. There is a large storage basket under the seats, but it also has a storage pocket on the back of each canopy to store your smaller items – more storage is always welcome here!

Another thing parents will enjoy about this model is the 4-panel extendable canopy with magnetic peekaboo windows. It doesn’t have handles, but a bar to control it and I think that’s the case because it seems a bit difficult to steer this stroller – which could also be considered its biggest Con. However, don’t expect to fight with it, just exert a bit more force.

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UPPAbaby G-LINK Stroller

We could consider this the luxury stroller on our list: it’s expensive, but it’s really nice. So for those who have a more generous budget on hand, they can easily go for this model and expect great value for their money. If not, any of the two models recommended above this one should fit the bill perfectly.

Back to the UPPAbaby double umbrella stroller, we should note that it can hold babies and children who weight up to 50 lbs, but the stroller itself is not very light at around 24 pounds. It’s still lighter than others on the list!

It offers really solid canopy coverage and offers a more than welcome extendable SPF 50+ sunshade. With today’s weather being so strange, it’s always a good idea to go for the extra protection. The canopies also have a peekaboo window and extra pockets for storage on their back sides.

One of the best features of this stroller is that it can be used since birth thanks to its infant support system and the fact that it has a very deep recline. All in all, it’s comfortable and durable, yet compact and highly portable after you manage to fold it.

I found really strange to see that this really solid stroller has some pretty poor ratings on Amazon at the moment of writing this article (just 3.5 stars out of 5), despite the fact that we don’t have any major reasons to give it such a low grade. Reading the reviews, we saw people comparing it with a single stroller and saying it’s more difficult to maneuver (which obviously is a case and no double stroller will win a maneuverability battle with a single stroller), but there were also complaints for various reasons, so check out those reviews yourself and decide what to do. Again, we have no real reasons to complain here, but one too many complaints coming from other people who have tried it might put off some potential customers.

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So these would be our recommendations. All of them are amazing strollers so pick the one that you like the most, based on the budget you have. My tip is to always try to invest a bit more in your stroller if it’s possible because in this case, the more expensive product is usually the better choice. But we’ve made sure to select the best of the best in their price range, so in the end, no matter which one you choose, you can rest assured that you’ve made the best decision (at least by our standards).

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