Best Steam Showers for Your Home: Ranked & Reviewed

If you are like me, you absolutely love to get into the steam room at your health spa and enjoy the soothing cloud of relaxing eucalyptus-scented steam. But why not have that right in your house, available at the push of a button, whenever you want to? That’s what steam showers are for and we are here to share with you the best steam showers for your house, ranked and reviewed after intense research and hours of reading of people’s opinions on the internet. We did all the work so that you no longer have to, and we have for you the best steam showers listed below. You’ll absolutely love them and you’ll absolutely love the discount prices as well!

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Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower

01 Pacifica Jetted Steam Shower

All you have to do after installing this unit is to hit the steam button, plop yourself down on the built in chair and enjoy the relaxing steam. Considered to have a curative effect on rheumatism, rheumatic arthritis, back pain, asthma, bronchitis, neurasthenic and an effective way to reduce weight, the Pacifica Jetted steam shower only uses a 3KW Generator (unlike others that need a minimum of 7KW), so it won’t hurt your electric bill like a mammoth in the China shop.

This unit is classy and has an amazing design and comes with usability and protection in mind. Apart from the steam function, it has 6 Body Massage Jets, Electricity protection, Rainfall Ceiling Shower and Handheld Showerhead, in other words the perfect unit for all your needs, be them just relaxation or cleaning up.

This one is for just one person (but really, it’s best when you enjoy all the soothing steam just by yourself) and at the moment of writing this, there’s a 35% discount on Amazon, making it an extremely cheap option for a Steam Shower.

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Ariel Platinum Series Steam Shower

02 platinum steam shower

This unit really managed to pump up the class factor, as well as that relaxing steam that you want from your shower unit. It has a beautiful design, with the wooden touches giving it a perfect home health spa feeling, while also remaining modern and high class. But this is more than just a regular steam shower, this is your home therapy specialist since it has so many functions.

So apart from the steam function that is available at a push of a button, it also has a Rainfall Ceiling shower, the Acupuncture massage technology, a must-have handheld shower head, chromatherapy lighting and even an FM radio if you don’t want to enjoy your steam session alone with your thoughts.

Some people even managed to install the unit by themselves, but some experience is required. This is for one person and if you are looking for a really high quality steam shower, the Ariel Platinum Series DZ960F8 (this model) is the perfect choice for you.

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Eagle Bath WS-501

03 Eagle Bath WS-501

Although it does not have a fancy name and just some letters and numbers, the WS-501 manages to climb up to the top position on our best steam showers list easily. Looking like an unit that has just been pulled out of a sci-fi movie, it’s a multifunctional delight for the senses and your body. Apart from the Steam capabilities, it also has a Whirlpool Bath Tub with 8 Massage Jets and much, much more.

Despite having so many functions (apart those mentioned already, it also has a nice Acupuncture body massage technology, Rainfall ceiling showerhead, etc) it is extremely simple to use thanks to its computer control panel with an incorporated timer. The steam sauna is also great in terms of electricity consumption (3KW generator) and it’s incorporated self cleaning system does wonders and saves you for some work.

In other words, an amazing deal that we found for you as it is available on sale, at the moment of writing, with a 47% discount. So if you want great quality and a futuristic looking steam shower for your home, search no more because you’ve found what you’ve been looking for!

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These are our top three choices for the best steam showers for your home. We really hope that the hours of work invested in finding these products and sharing them with you were well worth the trouble and you will find the perfect product for your home!

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