Best Thanksgiving Themed Napkins: Funny Napkins, Turkey Napkins and more

Thanksgiving is one of the most important celebrations of the year. That’s when families get together for a truly festive occasion and you want to make sure that everything’s perfect.

That’s when attention to details becomes important – and one of the details you should pay attention to are the Thanksgiving-themed napkins. These can really make the entire evening better and we are here to help.

We have checked out the offer of Thanksgiving napkins and we’re here to share with you the best options that you have for this special celebration: funny Thanksgiving napkins if you choose this route, turkey Thanksgiving napkins if you want to go a more traditional route, and a few more options so that you can choose depending on your style and taste.

Having the regular napkins replaced by colorful, high quality, themed napkins for Thanksgiving will help your holiday table truly come alive, impress the guests and in the end remain that small ingredient that is required for a perfect day.

So let’s not waste any time and instead let’s check out the best Thanksgiving napkin sets below for an unforgettable holiday!

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Creative Converting Turkey Thanksgiving Napkins

The Turkey is the main character, so it makes sense to go for Turkey-themed napkins as well. The colors, as you can see, are smartly chosen to match the occasion, while the turkey itself looks nice and colorful.

Each package comes with 16 durable 2-ply strength and quality napkins of 6.5 inch x 6.5 inch size when folded. In other words, just perfect for your guests. I really like these and hopefully you will agree!

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Autumn’s Elegance Thanksgiving Napkins

These are some extremely stylish holiday napkins that would make a great addition on any Thanksgiving table.

They are perfectly fit for very large families since we’re talking about a pack of 48 napkins here.

These are high quality, 2-ply pieces for soft use and easy clean up of a 6.5 x 6.6 inch rectangle when folded. The colors are great and the autumn theme goes flawlessly with the celebration.

Get your set right now – here.

Thanksgiving Cornucopia Napkins Set (Plus Plates)

Another extremely stylish design that you can choose for your Thanksgiving table. This set comes with 32 high quality napkins of two different sizes and a great choice of colors, created to perfectly fit a more traditional Thanksgiving feast.

If you’re thankful for the crops and goodies that mother nature allows gives us, this is a great pick – and it also comes with a bonus: 32 beautiful plates as well!

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Creative Converting Turkey Funny Napkins

This is one set of Thanksgiving themed napkins that I really like: funny, yet completely following the theme of the holiday, these napkins are not too over the top so everybody will find them enjoyable.

We’re talking about a 16 set of napkins here. One measures 6.5-Inches square when folded ), and they all have a great, cheerful design. That turkey is so fun and nice that you can’t help but love it – and that’s everything that you need for a perfect holiday table that your guests will love just as much as you do.

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Boston International Thanksgiving Napkins with Message

We’re getting back to something a bit more serious with a type of napkin that I really enjoy: one featuring a message.

And since it’s Thanksgiving, we have a themed message that is written with a nice font and works perfect during this celebration. So if you want something simple, yet classy and nice – this is the choice for you.

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Funny Thanksgiving Napkins: Keep Calm & Gobble

We’re now moving to funny napkins again, and we’re keeping up with the typed message theme. This time, it’s funny – but again, something that everybody can appreciate, so even if you have older and more traditionalist guests, they can still taste the humor (probably).

The pack itself is huge – 100 3-ply napkins. They are smaller than the others – just a 5-inch square when folded – but they’re still 10×10 inch when unfolded, which should be enough. Plus – you have 100 of them!

If you like them, make sure to get yours here.

Boston International Retro/Modern Thanksgiving Napkins

Now, these napkins might not work with all guests… but if it’s a younger audience or somebody who doesn’t mind a bit of a stronger language, I consider these perfect.

A beautiful mixture of retro (the design) and modern (the message) guarantees the fun. And that’s exactly what you need for a perfect holiday.

Have in mind that, just like the ones above, these are smaller at 5×5-inch and you only get 20 in a pack. But they’re so cheap that you can easily get extra if you think you’ll need more.

Get your set on Amazon right away.

Here you have them – our top picks for Thanksgiving Napkins that will look amazing on your next Thanksgiving table. Now just choose your favorite and prepare for an unforgettable celebration!

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