Best Udemy Courses for Stress Management

Stress. I hate it! I’ve been constantly under a ton of stress – like most adults out there, actually – for several years now. I could actually feel my life slipping away, I could actually feel the stress building up and I was able to see its horrible effects.

From long spells of depression to bad mood, mood changes, anxiety and anxiety attacks, myself being irritable, tired, unhappy… I’ve had the entire bag of baddies that stress delivers. Probably the same can be said about you and you can probably feel the stress levels rising and destroying your life.

Hopefully, if you are reading this right now, you are ready to make a move and learn how to manage stress, how to get rid of stress, how to relax and regain control over your life.

The feeling is absolutely amazing and you can achieve that without spending a ton of money on visits to the psychologist or by taking a year-long sabbatical to an exotic country. We have Udemy right now and I’ve selected for you the best courses for stress management on Udemy.

They are all great and I tried to find some cheap ones as well. I did that and even though I would recommend going for the slightly more expensive ones as they are a bit more in-depth and approved by so many people, starting somewhere and starting now is what you have to do.

Even the cheapest course can and will help you battle stress, learn to relax and get your life back. It’s horrible, but it doesn’t have to be this way and we’re here to help.

So without further ado, these are the best Udemy courses for stress management right now (listed in ascending order, based on price at the moment of writing this article):

Stress Turnaround: A 7-Week System for Work/Life Success

Stress Turnaround is created by bestselling author Kristen Brown (author of The Happy Hour Effect, among others) and comes with a really interesting approach to managing stress.

This is actually a program designed to help you manage stress and get rid of it in 7 weeks. It’s basically a program you have to follow closely in order for it to have effect – and you will keep using the things you’ll learn from it afterwards.

The Stress Turnaround course will help you identify things that really matter to you, the real things that make you happy and also help you balance your priorities and tasks in life. An interesting approach and, even though I would normally prefer something a bit more in depth, this program works just fine.

I suggest starting with it if you’re not really sure you’re going to benefit from such a course because it’s the cheapest on the list, but still very helpful.

So consider it more of a testing ground for what you can achieve with more complex programs – but without considering this a fill-up. It will help you a lot as it touches a few important elements when it comes to stress management and relief.

Click here to check it out now and enroll today!

Stress Management

Created by stress management coach and speaker Damian Mark Smyth, this course asks all the right questions straight from the beginning:

  • How would you like to be Stress Free in 7 days?
  • Are you always worrying about life, money, family, or even your health?
  • Do you wake up at around 4am in the morning and then struggle to get back to sleep?
  • Is the merry-go-round of thought in your head, seemingly non-stop?
  • Is your stress affecting your health, your relationships, your career or even your loved ones?
  • Why won’t any of the ‘other’ stress remedies out there help you?
  • What can be done to stop you feeling stressed forever?

I’m sure we’ve all been there, and with the practical approach of this course, you’re going to feel a lot better. Actually, you will see results, according to the author, after just 7 days from enrolling.

You also get two nice bonuses when you sign up: two free ebooks on stress and thought that will help you understand everything better. And having a clear understanding of the problem – as well as being guided to what solutions are most appropriate will surely help you manage stress and get rid of it.

It’s a very short course, but it does manage to touch all the important aspects, including helping you get the right mindset for dealing with stress. One of the most important is, in my opinion, the “Pressure is self created” chapter. But check out the course as a whole and your life will get better!

Click here to check it out now and enroll today!

Stress Management Techniques: How to Reduce Stress Naturally

We’re now getting to some courses that cost a lot more than the first two, but which are in my opinion both more complete and more complex when it comes to helping you deal with stress. This program, for example, has close to 10,000 people enrolled and most of the reviews it received are really good (currently holding a 4.4 stars out of 5). This is also one of the Best-Selling Stress Management Courses on Udemy – that should mean a lot as well!

It will teach you some really useful techniques used for stress management (like the Buddha Belly breathing technique, a trick that actors/performers use to get rid of anxiety and much more). It also goes into more in-depth stuff like acupressure (I am not a big fan, but this doesn’t mean it doesn’t work!) and many bonuses, including a free e-book and an awesome guided meditation video.

I also used to have a poor opinion about guided meditation until I tried it. My life is so much better now and it indeed does wonders. You have to try this and mix it with everything this course has to offer.

You won’t be disappointed, this is one of the best stress management courses out there right now!

Click here to check it out now and enroll today.

Yoga Made Easy: Be Stress and Anxiety Free Now!

Now this is a course with a different approach, but one that I really love as well! There’s one reason why Yoga is so popular right now and all the celebrities use yoga to better their lives: because it works!

This course shares with you a bunch of yoga exercises that you can try at home (or anywhere, actually) in order to relax, feel better and get rid of stress. Another extremely important thing this course has to offer is guided relaxation: I’ve already told you how helpful I consider these guided meditation bits and they are of the highest quality here as well.

Not to mention the fact that the voice of the author has such a calming and relaxing effect that it’s worth enrolling just to listen – and the good news is that all lectures come in audio-only format as well.

Although this course focuses solely on yoga as a stress relief technique, you will see that it is quite enough and it will get the job done. Even those who don’t really trust Yoga will surely change their minds after enrolling and bing part of this truly life-changing experience. A fantastic course!

Click here to check it out now and enroll today.

If you’ve just discovered Udemy, or if you’re really interested in getting to learn even more, we’ve also listed the best Udemy courses this year. Make sure to check that list as well as there are some nice findings there too! If not, I really hope that the course you choose to help you get rid of stress and regain control over your life will help you get there as fast as possible!

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