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Best Vitamin Supplements to Boost the Immune System


With winter right around the corner and the flu season starting (not to mention common colds and other viral infections), you probably want to boost your immune system. Ebola is still out there, scaring a lot of people and there are multiple other dangers that threaten our bodies, so any help in regards to your immunity will certainly be beneficial. Am I am here to help you make the perfect choice when it comes to getting the best vitamin supplements to boost the immune system.

According to recent studies, the typical American diet lacks important vitamins and minerals – and I am sure that the same can be said about most diets in advanced countries. Vitamins like A, C, E, K and especially D are lacking from our bodies and they all help the immune system in combination with other minerals and vitamins. Therefore, getting a supplement to make up for the lack of these nutrients is a first step towards staying healthy and boosting your immune system. The second and most important step would be to eat more fruits and vegetables, but until we get there – here are the best vitamin supplements to boost your immune system (please note: it’s not advised to combine these supplements – just pick the one that you prefer and stick to it, don’t combine them)

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Nature’s Way SystemWell Immune System

01 nature's way immunity system boost supplements

I usually prefer to go with trusted brands when it comes to anything health related, and I think you should do the same. Nature’s Way immunity booster supplements come with an all natural formula that promises to work on seven aspects of a healthy immune system: Epidermal, Respiratory, Digestive, Systemic, Circulatory, Cellular and Lymphatic. It’s gluten free and packs more than the regular immunity boosting vitamins and minerals (but lacks the B complex which might be a minus if you’re not normally getting a lot of this). It also has the company’s immunity blends based on natural plants and spices and apparently it really boosts your immune system.

The product has 4.5 out of 5 possible start on Amazon from 119 reviews, and most of the people who have tried this product were extremely pleased with the results: some that used to get colds and the flu pretty often stopped getting sick after they started taking these supplements. Others saw improvements on their body’s immune system response when they were starting to feel sick, so it’s really a good product.

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Flintstones Children’s Multivitamin plus Immunity Support

02 immunity boosting supplements

Childred are extremely prone to viral infections and their immunity systems are usually weaker than those of grown ups, but they are also really hard to convince to take supplements. The Flintstones Children’s Multivitamin plus Immunity Support from Bayer will solve the problem with these supplements as their taste is delicious and your kids will love them. They also have the vitamins that we so much need for a healthy immune system, as well as Zinc which is a mineral believed to improve the immune system as well.

Even though there are not many reviews of this product, Bayer claims that it is the #1 Pediatricians’ Choice for Children’s Chewable Vitamins, which should mean a lot. The people who have tried it are happy that their kids love getting these supplements and some report that there are visible improvements in their children’s health.

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One-A-Day VitaCraves Gummies

03 one a day

Now this is my favorite immunity boosting supplement! They come from the company that has the best selling pre-natal vitamins on Amazon, and I am sure that is enough to prove how high quality their products are. But we won’t stop here and see that these supplements offer a nice mixture of the vitamins that our body so badly needs (and we’re usually not giving it enough of) as well as minerals that some consider to have a positive influence over the immune system, like Zinc and Selenium.

People who have taken this immunity system supplements from One-A-Day are pleased with the fact that improvements are easily seen: for example, one person says that they started getting less colds and they lasted a shorter amount of time after taking these supplements. Others are happy with the taste and even though these are big pills (just like all vitamins for adults), you don’t have to go through all the trouble of swallowing them whole. A great product and my personal favorite!

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Now you know which vitamin supplements we consider being the best for boosting your immune system. Let’s hope that they will work great for you and your body will easily fight any viruses that will want to get in.


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