Can You Get Rich Being a Cosmetologist (Salary to Expect)?

One of the questions that I often get asked by people who are planning to follow this career path is if they can get rich being a cosmetologist. I decided to talk about this matter in this article, so let’s get this started – although the answer might not be exactly what you wanted to hear!

I guess it depends where you live and where you work as a cosmetologist that you would earn the most money and if you go to school thinking you are going to get rich overnight then think again because like I said, depending on which line you get into and the type of establishment, it could take years before you earn decent money!

If you do it because you love making people look beautiful then you’ll be much better off and most likely you won’t fail at that. If you develop a good technique with people then you will get a lot of word of mouth business and be able to build up your following and believe me, no matter where you go (even if you start your own business) those people will follow you.

I loved cutting hair because it was always a challenge to fit a new design to someones facial features and personality. Many people have such high expectations when they decide on a new cut and bring you a picture of the style they want. They don’t take into consideration that the type of hair they have will just not hold up to the type of design they crave for themselves.

It’s up to you to explain what they want achieved may not be possible after your consultation and you should be able to suggest another cut that would suit them much better and explain why, like maybe the texture of their hair isn’t the same so it isn’t going to fall the same way. I have known many professionals that just do whatever the client wants instead of trying to educate and give the client knowledge that could possible help them make a better decision.

Then if they still insist on that cut and you do it in spite of knowing how hard it will be for them to maintain they will appreciate that you actually tried to stop them.

Always make sure they have filled out a customer card and signed a release before doing any chemical service for everyone’s protection. That’s simple procedure, but believe me sometimes especially with new graduates they can forget and just like hospitals if you don’t have a release signed after having everything explained to you (the client) then you (the professional) and the establishment you work for can be sued for damages.

Accidents happen on a daily bases and even with a signed release your not always protected, but at least you have a better chance in court. It’s a good practice to keep up with the constantly changing rules and regulations for your state because ignorance of the laws will not keep you out of trouble.

Where I live it is illegal to rent a booth, but it happens on a regular bases. You are responsible for having your own insurance unless you work for an establishment and sometimes reliability insurance can be very expensive, but you have to have it. It’s not cheap starting your own place of business with equipment and the proper space needed and insurance and licensing fees. I have seen many places go out of business within a year and it can be very disheartening, but it also proves that being a cosmetologist is definitely not easy money or guaranteed money instantly!

I have mentioned before that I have also done waitressing and bartending jobs and I have to admit that I made a lot more money at those positions than I ever did as a professional cosmetologist, but it seems in many peoples eyes that this type of work is not considered as a real profession and people tend to judge those occupations a little harshly.

Believe me, it takes a certain type of people person to put up with all the crap you’re subjected to and there aren’t many that appreciate the dedication and hard work that goes into being a real professional in these fields. I, for one, because I have done those jobs know how hard these individuals work and I applaud each and everyone.

But back to today’s question: will you get rich being a cosmetologist? Most likely not. But if you have a lucky star out there and are extremely talented, you could make a ton of money indeed!

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