Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit Review

When it comes to skin care products such as the Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit that we’re reviewing today, you will always get mixed reactions from customers.

Some will say that the results are amazing, some will say that it doesn’t work at all and there’s nothing that beats professional treatment or visiting a clinic.

In my case, I can say the same: some anti-aging products worked, some didn’t. I am not sure if they failed to accomplish what they promised because they were bad or because I didn’t follow instructions properly, but I always do my best.

Just as is the case of the Dermawand Deluxe Renew kit, which includes quite a few products, making it a complete and fairly-priced option for caring for yourself at home.

The kit includes the following products: Derma Wand For Wrinkles | Puffy Eyes | Saggy Skin | Non-Surgical Face Lift | High Frequency Machine. It also has an instructional video DVD and a booklet, as well as a carry bag. And, of course, it comes with a number of promises as well.

The folks who sell the Dermawand Kit say it will help eliminate saggy skin and make it appear firmer. They also claim that it will even improve your skin tone and eliminate the appearance of large pores. Its Skin Quench, which is included, is expected to provide spectacular hydration.

In other words, all the five products included in the kit are supposed to work wonders and save you a ton of money. But do they really work?

Many of the users of the Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit are satisfied with the results. Ladies can actually see diminishing wrinkles on their forehead and around the mouth.

Most people compare these products with Botox – and the best of them can indeed offer an alternative to those who fear the needles or the costs or the potential health risks (or all of these combined).

However, unlike surgical treatment, these creams only work if you apply them regularly, as instructed by each of the products itself. Also, the improvements won’t generally come over night, so you need to be a bit patient.

And this is probably why so many customers consider some of these creams or similar products as failures: they don’t give them enough time to actually work.

But in this case, a customer who purchased the Dermawand kit claims she is lazy and she only uses the product two days per week. She still notices a difference and believes all of the promises are true… which is a big thumbs up for the product itself, in my opinion.

Of course, improvements won’t be spectacular here, but you will notice a difference. From a point on – and depending of the current condition of your skin – you can’t expect to really get that soft, baby-like skin. So I say that it’s best to take any improvement as a win and be happy with it.

Dermawand is supposed to stimulate the skin, which it does. A consumer has noted that the same can be accomplished with your fingers, but I always find it better to use products (or gadgets) that are made for a specific job.

In this case, the appliance head seems to be a bit small and it does take a while to cover the entire face. I am not sure that this is intentional – to give the cream more time to settle in, or to massage the area better – but it is a bit annoying if you’re in a hurry.

Still… my mother always said that you can’t be in a hurry and make your self as beautiful as you can be at the same time, so maybe she was right and I’m just too obsessed with speed and getting things done faster. Some need time – that’s a fact!

And in this case, you do need to wait for a while for all the products available in this kit to start working their magic.

Sure, I don’t really trust them all (like the Skin Mist, for example, which seems to be nothing but nice smelling water), but the truth is that my husband agreed that after using these products, my face appears to be glowing (and in a good way, not post-apocalyptic, radiation-caused type of way).

The results are indeed noticeable, but only after around two weeks… and don’t expect it to look like somebody photoshopped your face to look 30 years younger! You will see a difference, you will look younger (and probably feel younger), but nobody will ask to see your ID if you try to buy alcohol in a store.

Jokes aside, though, the Dermawand Kit is a good alternative to more expensive (or needle-infused) treatments and, just like many of the people using it before found out, it does help your skin. But it won’t happen over night – after all, those wrinkles didn’t appear over night either, so you can’t expect them to vanish just like that!

Finally, the Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit comes with a carrying pouch that is nice and pink and girly and extremely useful, especially if you use to travel a lot. I am not very organized, for example, and having a place to just cram all the products in to make sure I don’t forget one or two at home is really a bonus.


All in all, if you use the Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit as instructed and you give it time (at least 2 weeks, in my opinion), you will start to feel better and notice improvements. It’s not a miracle cream – but I never believe those who claim to be that way.

And if you want some alternatives, make sure to check out my impressions of the La Prairie Cellular Radiance Eye Cream in the review here, as well as the Hydroderm review.

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