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Dermawand Deluxe Renew Kit Review


The Dermawand Deluxe Renew kit includes quite a few products, and this is what makes its price seem so great. Including the Dermawand, instructional video and booklet, carry bag and five Derma Vital products, it also comes with a number of promises.

The folks who sell the Dermawand Kit say it will help eliminate saggy skin and make it appear firmer. They also claim that it will even skin tone and eliminate the appearance of large pores. Its Skin Quench, which is included, is expected to provide spectacular hydration.

Some users are happy with the results. One woman says she notices a difference. The look of wrinkles on her forehead and around the mouth are diminishing. She is a woman in her mid-sixties and the Dermawand was chosen as alternative to Botox. Many people share this sentiment because they fear needles and can do without the cost.

Another customer who purchased the Dermawand kit claims she is lazy. As a result, she only uses the product two days per week. She still notices a difference and believes all of the promises are true.

The majority of consumers were only somewhat pleased with the product. They are happy enough not to send it back but they don’t report any spectacular improvements. But, from a point on, improvements are still better than nothing, right?

Dermawand is supposed to stimulate the skin, which it does. A consumer has noted that the same can be accomplished with your fingers. They also comment that the appliance head is small. It takes too long to cover the entire face. This person does put a positive spin on their comment. With minor upgrades, it would be a good product. But this is just one’s opinion.

The Dermawand Kit does come with a carrying case which many gave positive remarks.

Another comment regarded the Skin Mist which one consumer said was nothing more than water in a spray bottle. Ouch! The company backs their Skin Mist saying it is part of the system that does work if used properly and consistently.
According to men who have bought the product for a woman in their life, they are satisfied. They are happy with the noticeable results that makes the women appear glowing. The women have commented that the scrubbing by the Dermawand is invigorating.

One comment by a 60 year-old woman cautions others to use the product slowly at first, as it can be jarring. She states that using the Dermawand kit is a regimen worth sticking to. She noticed an improvement in her skin after two weeks. As she puts it: “It took years for wrinkles to occur, they are not going to disappear quickly!”


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