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DIY Diaper Cake: Perfect Gift for Toddlers (with Step by Step Instructions)


Recently I discovered that the best gift when you visit a newborn is a diaper cake with a toy on or any other baby product you can think of, there can never be too much of things that baby uses, like powder, baby oil, shampoo, wipes, and the parents will be grateful for them. Diapers are useful, and a toy is always welcome. Even if you don’t want to buy a toy, a diaper cake and a short not stressful visit is a thoughtful gift too. I made 3 cakes till now and I think I’m getting better and better at it, so I want to give you a few pointers.

So, the things you’ll need for a small sized diaper cake are:
Around 25 diapers
20 to 25 thin and small elastic bands(you’ll roll the diapers and catch the diaper with them, and they need to be subtle)
3-4 thin and large elastic bands
A cylinder from the paper towels
2 gender color, or neutral color ribbons, one small (around 50-60cm), and one big (around 100cm)

Lots of small decorations or stickers, or anything you have in gender color, or neutral
And a toy or something a bit bigger to put on top, even just a nicely done ribbon.
If you want you can put a round round and tall baby cream, or shower gel, instead of the paper towel cylinder.

First you need to roll every diaper and put an elastic band on. Then put the rolls around your paper towel cylinder, if it is too wide, you can easily cut from one end to another and roll it smaller and then put some duct tape around it. You’ll have around 5-6 diapers and keep them in place around the cylinder with a bigger elastic band. Do it again for the second level. Then put the last elastic band around the first level and add diaper rolls to it until it has the same size everywhere. The elastic bands need to be exactly on the middle of the diapers, so you can cover all of them with the ribbons.

So you’ll have a two story diaper cake, and you added the two ribbons around every layer. Now add the stickers around it, or stick the ornaments with double-sided duct tape, or just pin them down with some pin needless. Put the toy, or the big ribbon on top, using some of the sticking methods I mentioned, and you got your Diaper Cake. And instead of ornaments you can always add some useful tools for hygiene, like cream, shower gel, wet wipes, anything that babies use and are always welcomed. Or even socks or tiny crocheted booties on top, or a crocheted hat on the entire second level.

It’s easy to make, they will think it is very thoughtful of you to do it yourself, and very useful for new parents after the little one gets here, or even before, at a baby shower. So, I hope you found this article helpful and can’t wait to see how yours turn out. Check us out for more gift ideas any time you’re out of them.


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