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DIY Dream Catcher: Step By Step Instructions to Make Your Own


I’m a big fan of all things in the dream catcher’s department. I love the drawings, the real ones, the wall art, the paintings, my phone has a a case with a dream catcher on, and I have a tattoo on my left arm, so I rest my case. I always thought it would be hard to make, but it turns out, it’s not. And you probably have every material you need at home. Once I made my first, I was pretty sure that instead of selling it, I’ll probably keep it myself, and that is exactly what happened. But now I want to start a new one, and I also want to sell the first so I could start somewhere.

So, this is what you need to know before starting:

You need to pick a color to work with. I picked red because that is what I have the most at home. But I suggest you to choose the color of your feathers, because those are what really matters. Work around the colors too. Blue, turquoise, light blue, dark blue, silver, black, white, whatever works. Decide on how many “arms” you want it to have and visualize it before starting.

You’ll need:
Feathers – you can put 2-3 on every arm, but one is ok also.
Pretty beads, at least 2 for every “arm”, in the color you are working with, or something that matches well.
A circle, OR, the thing used, a thin tree branch, that was a bit green and not too dried out, cuz it will brake when you try and make it a circle. Or you can use a copper wire, and dress it in more layers of thread, or whatever you are using to roll around your circle.
The thread for the web – enough so you could get it around the circle at least once, and then also make the web.

Step 1

So I made a circle with my branch and started rolling my thread around it, but not too tight around it, cuz I picked an old looking thick thread and it looked good with the wood from the branch. I also added some red in the circle, just for some color on it.

Step 2

After you finished the circle start your web following the image bellow. You can add beads on your thread, or tiny charms, wherever you want, or just make a nice pattern. Make a knot when you finished the web and add the arms you want with some pieces of thread, and a little thread on top for when you want to hang it on your wall.

Step 3

Add a bead or two where you started the arms, right next to the circle, and you can add beads along the thread too. Add a final one or two beads and tie your feather/s to it to end it. Do the same to the other arms, could look better if you make them a bit smaller than the bigger one, feathers too. But anything you have will look cute if you followed these steps.

I think you can’t go wrong with a dream catcher, it seems that messy web or whatever you have at home as beads would work nice and you’ll end up with your own dream catcher, which you’ll probably want to keep and would be more beautiful just because you made it. Mine turned out a 44 cm long one, with a 10 cm circle.

We’re happy to see what you’ve made, and if this article actually helped, so let us know what you think and come back for more DIY articles. Enjoy your crafting!


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