DIY Fairy Bicycle: Instructions, Step by Step to Make Your Fairy Bike

The first time I made a fairy bicycle at home, I found it so cute and nice that I decided I just have to make more. They are easy to craft and very fun to use for your fairy garden projects or anything in between. And today I will teach you how to make a fairy bicycle yourself!

You don’t need to be very skilled to do it, and your fairies will thank you for it, that’s a fact! But let’s see what items are needed for you to craft your own fairy bike:

  • 2 buttons of your choice, ideally the same size
  • copper or brass wire (23-24 centimeters long)

And that is all that you need! Sounds pretty crazy, but in reality you can craft a lot of things using very basic tools and ingredients.

My toddler loves these bikes and always wants to play with them, and they are pretty sturdy not to break fast – even I dropped them a few times and nothing happened.

Here is how to make your Fairy Bike, with step by step instructions and photos:

DIY Fairy Bike Steps

Step 1: Insert the wire in one of the buttons’ holes trying to split the length of the wire in half – one part will be used to create the bike’s handle, and the other will be used for the rest.

Step 2: As seen in the photo above at step two, rotate the wire to create the handle of the bike, then roll the other half of the wire around it.

Step 3: The part of the wire that’s not the handle has to be rolled back in a straight line and placed through the hole of the second button.

Step 4: Twist the wire again over the straight line remaining, in order to keep the button in place.

Step 5: Get the wire up, then shape it in the form of a small triangle to create the saddle.

Step 6: You get the wire back to the handle area and around it and make the second handle and to keep your bike sturdier.

Remember, if you run out of wire, you can always undo the steps and give yourself more to play with.

Afterwards, if that fairy bicycle looks to basic for you, you can go a bit more in depth and, using some home made play dough, create an actual saddle and maybe put some on the handles as well, as seen in the photo below:

This is a really fun project for beginners (and advanced crafters alike) and it’s also very fast to make.

If you want even more similarly easy yet fun and cute project ideas for your fairy garden, I have written some guides on how to make your own fairy house door or a DIY Fairy well.

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