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DIY Fairy Bicycle: Instructions, Step by Step to Make Your Fairy Bike


The first time I made these little things I found it so cute that left me wanting to make more. You don’t need too much skill to do it, and your fairies will thank you for it. Is pretty simple to make, you only need 2 buttons, that will be your wheels, and a copper or brass wire about 23-24 cm long. My toddlers loves these bikes and always wants to play with the, and they are pretty sturdy to not be ruined just by playing, I dropped them a few times, so I know.

Here is the process of making your own Fairy Bike, step by step:

Step 1. Insert the wire in one of the buttons hole, can be a 2 hole button, or a 4 hole button. And leave enough amount on one side to make on of the handles.

Step 2. The long wire get it around the handle.

Step 3. Then move the wire to the back and get it thru on of the hole on the second button.

Step 4. After it exits the hole get it around the wire, tight, right next to the button.

Step 5. The wire goes up and forms a little triangle for the saddle, while getting it around the wire under the saddle.

Step 6. You get the wire to the handle area, around it and make the second handle.

DIY Fairy Bike Steps

Remember, if you run out of wire, you can always undo it and make it a bit smaller so it fits your needs. And you can always add a bit of colored playdoh to make the saddle and handles, but it works if you leave it play, as well.

I think it is an easy idea to try and can’t wait to see how yours look, and if you found my explanations complete. You can always come back for more great ideas, or just ask me questions anytime you are confused of something.


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