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Will Breast Augmentation Improve Your Quality of Life?


I have known several people that have undergone breast augmentation and when I was younger I also considered it, but when it comes to surgery I’m a wimp. However, getting a boob job is rather common place now and women that have participated in post-operative surveys report that their quality of life has been enhanced.

They have more self confidence and their self esteem seems to rocket because of their newly enhanced appearance. Overall health is usually reported as better and their social and intimate functions improve dramatically. Most women report long term satisfaction with their breast implants even when they need revision-augmentation due to complications or aesthetic reasons.

So, does breast augmentation really improve the quality of your life?

There are also those that have breast reductions done for the same reasons. A friend of mine had this process done several years ago and she told me that it was the best decision she has ever made. She no longer has back pain and she doesn’t feel self conscious with men staring at her breast all the time. I have never had that problem, but I’m sure I wouldn’t like it either – although I know quite a few ladies who would give anything to grab a man’s attention so easily.

In the end, it all resumes to one thing, in my opinion:

Are we ever happy with our appearance? The answer to that is apparent since more and more people are going under the knife. I have no clue what goes through the mind of people to make them torture themselves with all the surgeries. I would be scared to death because of all the botched cosmetic surgeries that I have heard about. But you tend to hear about the duds more often than the successful ones: in the end, breast augmentation is considered nowadays extremely safe and with minimal risks.

Primary reconstruction surgery is used to replace breast tissue that was removed because of trauma, cancer or because it failed to develop properly and the breast is abnormal. I can understand surgery in these instances and the need that these patients might have and also when women have had children and would like to have a breast lift.

Studies have shown that there is a pattern among patients that opt for breast augmentation and many other cosmetic surgery procedures. I read a while back that some women who choose breast implants are more likely to have undergone some sort of psychotherapy. The pattern shows they have lower self-esteem and a higher tendency toward suicide attempts and depression than the normal population.

I personally don’t know if all that is true because the women I have known seemed okay to me, but of course I’m not a doctor and you never really know what someone else is thinking. Most women have the implants done over and over, larger and larger and my mind simply doesn’t grasp the need for that much cosmetic surgery and pain. Of course, other people out there definitely have a different opinion.

My best friend’s daughter-in-law was a beautiful girl with small breasts and her husband talked her into breast augmentation. She started modeling and would compete in the bikini contest around town and she picked up a modeling contract and of course she (or it might have been him) were never satisfied with the results of the augmentations and they had to do bigger ones a while after.

She started doing lingerie ads and some were pretty racy and they both lost their jobs. If it had been me I would have sued the company, but I think they had a morals clause… At any rate, they wanted to move on to better things and he was her manager so they moved to Reno and used that as their base. She did work for men magazines and of course the husband wasn’t allowed at the parties or shoots. So in the end, it all turned out well for her and this is what she wanted – or the couple wanted.

This doesn’t mean that anybody who goes for breast enhancement surgery will end up posing for magazines or radically changing the way they live their lives, but it could be almost like a drug and once you get some, you might want more and then more and never be able to stop.

Personally, I believe that breast augmentation used the right way can really improve the quality of your life, the image you have of yourself and make you feel better in your skin. I have had friends who have been feeling bad about the small size of their breasts for their entire lives and after surgery, they were just radiating confidence and feeling a lot better about themselves. However, I also believe that we should all be happy with who we are and what nature gave us – and don’t forget: if it’s the hungry looks of men that you’re after, you will surely get those from men with or without breast augmentation!

But what is your take on this topic? Does breast augmentation improve the quality of your life? Would you do it or have you done it?


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