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How to Completely Hide Acne with Makeup


Acne is one of the first signs of puberty, the set of transformations brought about when the reproductive glands “start up” from suprarenal stimulation. These glands produce hormones that will “flood” the body. Acne is linked to an exacerbated skin sensitivity, particularly of the sebaceous glands. And everybody hates it, especially if you want to date that hot guy in school or you just want to look beautiful (note: you ALREADY are beautiful, never forget that!). However, for when you’re feeling down or you just want to get rid of it, you can easily hide acne with make-up and we’re here to teach you how!

Under the effects of hormones called androgens, the sebaceous glands increase in volume, secrete more sebum, the skin becomes shiny, the pores dilate and blackheads and pimples appear. Once the mechanism of acne is under way, its development can vary greatly; an effective dermatological treatment can bring about a full cure, in several months or years. But it can also happen that acne persists well after adolescence, particularly among women, mostly on the lower part of the face. This acne, called “tardy” is in fact relatively common. It more often involves the torso in men.

We’ll start with a few recommendations for the hygiene of the skin

First of all you should never blow your pimples each morning of when you are made up. It’s a radical solution to reveal them twice more, moreover it may causes scars on your face forever, you must know that hands are carry infectious germs, so disinfect your hands before touching your skin.

Moreover, you should change your make-up foundation regularly, because if it is too old it can cause irritations, redness and allergies. Make-up foundation must be changed every year.

Finally, the most important thing to do is to remove your make up each evening, this is the best means of preventing the spots from growing during the night. That makes it possible to stop the proliferation of the sebum and the skin can breathe.

How to make-up a skin covered by spots?

The abundance of sebum causes a shining effect on the skin which is not very aesthetic. First of all use an anti acne cream to reduce brightness. Then use rather a fluid make-up foundation which allows your skin breathe and it is more hygienic because the fluid goes straight from the tube to the skin. Use a hypoallergenic and non comedogenic product available in pharmacy and parapharmacy. The make-up foundation smooths the skin and the powder hides the imperfections.

I recommend using the concealer sticks under make-up foundations, to neutralize severe imperfections by masking skin defects thanks to the color correction principle. Then you should never use rosy blush which would emphasize the spots and rednesses. You will have a perfect skin, without imperfections!

Here is a video tutorial on how to hide acne with makeup:

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