Best Snowman Crafts for Toddlers

Now that Halloween is all gone, and the leaves are getting wetter, colder and fewer with every passing day, not much you can look forward to, BESIDES Christmas. And thankfully there are lots to look forward to that comes with a Christmas theme, like these Easy Snowman Crafts for Toddlers you can try with your kids anytime you want, and no need to wait for the actual snow. You could start your own family tradition by making your own decorations for Christmas, spending quality time with your kids and make the happy by putting their decorations as center pieces in your house, better than exposing their paintings on the fridge even.

We even tried some of these easy snowman crafts for toddlers with our 3-year-old and he had a blast helping out and watching the entire activity come to life into a funny looking snowman he can easily say he did himself. Just follow the steps and let them design and choose colors, and he’ll feel so proud of the outcome. Every kid will love these, toddlers, preschoolers, or adults as well. Have fun!

Sock Snowman

You’ll need a white big sock, googly eyes, a few buttons, one of which can be a red/orange pointy one, or you can simply cut a piece of orange felt in the shape of a carrot for the nose. You can add a mouth from felt too, or just ignore it, like I did. You’ll also need another colored sock, or just some colored material to make him a scarf and a hat. Oh, and rice, we should not forget the rice! First of all you cut the sock were the heel makes the curve. Let your kid fill it with rice, if you want it to be washable you can put the rice in a plastic bag and then get it in the sock. Make sure there is plenty of rice, for the snowman to look as fluffy as it can be. Tie the top, or sew it tight, give your kid the eyes, mouth, nose, buttons and let him glue the on the snowman. You can make a hat from the toe part of a colored sock, just cut it mid way to the heel, roll the end a few times, so you don’t need to sew it so it doesn’t unravel, cut another strip from the same sock and cut the circle so it becomes a scarf and let your kid dress up the snowman. It will look great, I promise! I even went out to buy white socks for this purpose only.

Fluffy Snowman

Photo Credit: Stayathomeeducator

Get some cotton balls and a paper plate, some glue, make the eyes, carrot, hat and scarf from colored paper and let your kid glue his snowman piece by piece. It’s going to be a sticky mess, but a happy sticky mess I assure you.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowman

Photo Credit: Craftaholicsanonymous

In our house, the most used recyclable item for crafts, is the toilet paper roll. Easy to get, and fun to use. This time you will make it a snowman using googly eyes and let your kid glue earmuffs or draw nose and mouth and tie a scarf around its neck. So easy and so much fun!

Paint a Puffy Snowman

Photo credit: Growingajeweledrose

Making the Puffy Paint out of shaving cream and white school glue that were kept in the fridge, let it sit overnight and take the glue out 10 minutes before starting. Mix equal parts of both in a bowl, as equal as it can get, then add glitter, or not, and let your kid paint a snowman on a, not white, piece of paper. It will even feel as cold as real snow. Give him the rest of the snowman to add on, eyes, nose, mouth, hat, scarf, buttons, hands, and even more glitter if he wants, and let it dry out for a few fours, or over night to make sure it’s dry, but still puffy.

Pom-pom Snowman

Photo Credit: Onecreativemommy

Buy White Pom-poms, big for the body and small for hands and feet. And have some black felt and glue at hand. Cut the eye and mouth pieces from black felt and let your kid glue them on to make little Frozen Snowgies, or give them some orange felt triangle to make normal looking snowman. It’s really up to you, but I think you can use cotton balls too. Whatever works for you, will sure make your kid happy.

Mason Jar Snowman

Photo Credit: club.chicacircle

All you need is a Mason Jar, 2 black buttons, a carrot made out of orange air-dry clay, some Frosty Snow, or cotton wool, or polyester filling, or bean bag filling, pom-poms for earmuffs and 2 pipe cleaners, a glue gun, or some glue that will fix the buttons and clay fast onto the jar, and white glue. You would also need an electric small candle to put inside after you finished.

Glue the eyes and nose, you can add the glue and he can put the items on. Let him smudge the white glue on the entire surface of the jar, a sponge brush would help him do it faster, and ask him to roll or sprinkle the jar into the fake snow you chose. He can now make with the 2 pipe cleaners and the 2 pom-poms some earmuffs that he can glue to the lid. Add the electric lit candle inside and put the lid on the snowman, turn off the lights and you’ll get a beautiful illuminating ornament worthy of any Christmas decorations.

String Snowman

Photo Credit: Muyingenioso

For this you will need 2 balloons, one blown bigger than the other, white string and lots of white glue, cardboard, preferably black to make a hat, a few buttons and colored paper to make nose and mouth, some colored fabric for the scarf and two thin branches. Glue the balloons together with duct tape to make the body, smudge some white glue on and start wrapping the string around, you can either soak the string before wrapping it or soak it with a paint brush after you’re done, but make sure everything has glue on. You need to let it dry, preferably over night to make sure it’s really dry. Let him glue the buttons, eyes, nose and mouth, with a glue that dries fast, make that hat out of cardboard, you can even use toilet paper roll to make the top hat, and paint it afterwards. Glue it to it’s head, together with the hands and tie the scarf on, and your Stringman is done.

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait to start some of these with my 3-year-old, I’m sure will have lots of fun, even if we did it before, like the Sock Snowman. Can’t wait to see the result start on Christmas decorations when December comes, we’ll have everything we need by then. I hope we’ve inspired you as well with these Easy Snowman Crafts for Toddlers, and make you get started. You’re welcome to come back and tell us all about our easy kids crafts you’ve done with your toddler of preschooler, even if it’s not winter related.

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