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Best Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids


We wrote in a previous articles about 10 Awesome Fall Activities for Toddlers to Do at Home, in case the weather doesn’t let you go out, but in my opinion, fall is one of the best seasons to enjoy outside, not too hot, and not that cold, so unless it rains (still not that hard to go on a puddle jump mission, fully equiped, of course), you have no reason whatsoever to remain indoors.

These Fall Outdoor Activities for Kids I found are fun for spending time with your family, because I can guarantee, the kids will not be the only one that will enjoy these outdoor activities, you will definitely not get bored playing and remembering how it was when you were a kid.

Jump in leaf piles

No reason for me to explain how to do this. Just gather all the leaves in your yard, if not enough, give your neighbor a hand, and gather his as well and move them to your yard. Make a big enough pile in safe area, and jump in. I guarantee you’ll have fun too, just wait your turn, and let the kids first, will you?

Have a picnic in the park

It sounds easy enough, even in a spurt of the moment kind of thing, but if you planned this ahead, make sure you make pumpkin pie, or cinnamon and apple pie, it will bring the smell of what falls means with you.

Have a fall photo shoot

You can use the picnic outing to arrange for a fall photo shoot, and you can also include the previous Jump in leaf piles activity for even funnier photos. The colors of the nature around you will surely make all of you seem like you’re part of a fairy tale.

Pine cone weather station

This is an awesome activity to tell the weather using a pine cone. The kids will learn why the pine cones open when the weather is fine, and why they are closing when rain is closing in. No shame in admitting you didn’t know this, I never wondered, so I never knew. Well, the pine cone are the parts where all the seeds are stored, so when the weather is nice they open up so they can let the seeds flow in the wind and find their place in the ground. If the rain is coming, the humidity will get high, and the seeds won’t be able to go too far, as they’ll get heavy with water and they’ll just fall and soak too close to the pine. So it closes up in order to keep its seeds inside.

So now, you can take a pine cone and glue it to your window sill so it has a better “view” of the weather and it doesn’t fall if the wind blows too hard.

Plant a pumpkin in a pumpkin

There are pumpkins everywhere nowadays, so get yourself some, I would say a medium sized will do, and cut the top of, make it like a pot. You can use regular dirt or seed starter, if you don’t want to risk it, and fill the pumpkin, leaving the seeds inside, with it. Water it and take care of it so it doesn’t go too dry. In about a week or so you’ll start to see things making their way out, and in another few days more sprouts will come out. This is the time to plant your pumpkin in your garden. People say these are easy to grow, so hopefully you’ll have your own pumpkins.

Scavenger Hunt

Go outside hunting. First of all you should take a good look around, and see what things the outdoors give you. You can even make a map of where to find everything. Put the acorns, chestnuts, pine cones, rocks, and different kind of leaves on your map. Every kid should have their list of things he needs to find, it would be better to be a picture like list, so that the small kids can play too. For Example: 2 Rocks (Write number 2 and draw 2 rocks), 3 acorns, 2 chestnuts, 4 sticks, 1 chestnut leaf, 1 other-kind-of-leaf, maybe a red leaf, a brown leaf, a green leaf and a yellow leaf, and even fruits you could have around your area, make sure your kid won’t eat them before you see if they are poisonous or not. Each child should have his box (a chest for his treasures) or a bag and his list of objects that he needs to find. They will surely have lots of fun.

Guess bags

You can use the leaves and things you found in the Scavenger hunt, and even add more surprises for a fun Guess bag game. You need some bags, and in each bag you are going to put one kind of fall object, like putting pine cones in one bag, and apples in another one. They can only put their hands in without looking and guess what’s in there. You can make teams and even keep score if you want. You have plenty to choose from: Apples, pumpkin seeds, pine cone, chestnuts, acorns, leaves, sticks, corn grains, rocks, wall nuts, and even hay. Sounds like fun, right?

Find the tree

Now, assuming you have lots of leaves left, if not, go find more and as different as possible. You can use them to find their tree, a bit of research and you can teach your kids the names of the trees around you and he’ll have fun learning about them.

I hope you enjoyed our suggestions, and will enjoy them outside too. Plenty of activities to choose from and be inspired. Make sure you let us know how did it go and visit us soon for more articles like this one.


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