Get 40 Free Etsy Listings Here

When opening a new shop for your crafting, the best website for this is Etsy. But for putting your articles in your Etsy shop you need to pay a small, tiny, fee for every listing.

However if you have a lot of jewellery or too many crafts, it’s hard to keep spending on your shop, especially if you already invested a fortune into the materials to make them.

So I found you a way to start your business without spending more, and give you a chance to save some money for your future items for free. Check out How to get 40 Free Etsy Listings bellow.

Also, another reason one will need free listings, is if you already have a shop and you don’t want to invest in those fees for your items. So I found a way to help here as well.

1. If you don’t have a store yet:

You can have an Etsy buyer account, but not a shop in order to get these 40 Free Listings. If you do have a shop already, check out the next set of directions. You’ll need to click the link I provide you with, BUT after clicking it make your shop within the page it opens. DO NOT go walking around the shop if you didn’t make your shop yet.

If you start clicking other links and look around, and open your shop after that, the code will not work and you will not get the 40 free listing. So don’t mess it up. If you want to look around, you do that and come back here when you decide and you have no doubts, to click the link again. I also found some people that sold these links for pennies on Etsy as well, but if you ask me, is not worth it, you can’t call them free if you buy, even if it’s WAY less than you would actually pay for 40 listings.

Here is the link: 40 Free Listings

2. If you already own a shop on Etsy:

You could get free listings by inviting your friends over or just share the link whenever you can. On your facebook account, twitter, instagram, however you want and depending on where you have more crafty friends that need an easy way to start fresh. You’ll get your 40 free listings, and they will get theirs. So is not like you are doing only them a favor, you’ll have something to gain from it too.

I’ll show you where you need to go to find out the link you’ll need to share, or other ways you can share the 40 listings with your friends. This will not work if your friends don’t go thru the process of making a new shop, like I explained above.

Here is where you can find what link you should share: Invite Friends

And here is more info on the whole process of getting 40 free listings, using them, what you’ll need and how to get them.

I hope I could help and I’m always happy to answer your questions about this, if I can, or I will try and point you in the right direction. You can always come back to tell me how it went or even read my articles on crafting if you’re interested in.

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