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How to Apply Makeup at Home Like a Pro: Step by Step Instructions


Everyone by now has developed their own beauty regime and goes through their techniques with precision, but are you using the correct type of makeup for your skin tone? Do you know how to emphasize your most attractive features and minimize the less attractive?

In my opinion all women should have their makeup down professionally at least once. They would then learn proper techniques and pick up tips and a few tricks about contouring and using optical illusions in shadowing, highlighting, and color to enhance their best features. When applying your makeup you need a well lit area and if possible always try and check it in sunlight. And, of course, you need to know your skin tone in order to be able to apply make-up at home like a pro!

how to apply makeup professionally at home

Lots of people enjoy having the glamor shots done. I know we did in school and it was lots of fun and you really feel unique and special. Of course, we did each other’s makeup and hair for the shots because we were learning, but the professional touched up anything she felt wasn’t right for the shots.

I am going to list the proper procedure for applying makeup the professional way in the order it would be done and I call them…

The 14 Steps To Apply Makeup Professionally

1. Cleansing cream
2. Toner
3. Apply moisturizer
4. Apply eye creams and concealer
5. Apply foundation
6. Use a Translucent powder (A face powder) lightly.
7. Apply cheek color
8. Eye Shadow
9. Eyeliner
10. Eyebrow pencil
11. Mascara
12. Lipliner
13. Lip Color
14. Translucent powder again to set your makeup

The list of skin tones are usually classified as light, white, ivory, cream, pink, florid, sallow, olive, tan, brown, and ebony. You really need to know your skin tone so you can choose the appropriate makeup shades!

Usually, the women in department stores behind the makeup counters are experts, you could ask them to analyze your skin for you and suggest the best colors for your skin tone. The foundation is very important in creating that perfect professional look.

When choosing foundation if you have a light skin tone you will need a shade darker than your natural skin tone in order to provide a little color. Dark skin you would match the skin tone. Sallow or pale you need a rosy color in order to give your skin a glow. Florid you will use a beige in order to soften the reddish undertones. For all others fair, medium, and dark you would match the natural skin tone if the foundation and powder is too light you will look pasty and unnatural.

In order to check your foundation place a dot on your jawline and blend it upward and on your neck and blend downward to make sure it blends with your natural skin tone. You should see no line of demarcation or contrast between the foundation and natural skin tone.

This is the type of thing that you only have to do once, normally, unless you really like experimenting. Once you know the skin tone that you have and find the best products to use, doing it the next time will be easier and it gets easier and easier. So don’t be afraid you could go wrong: just make sure you invest some time and learn the basics and you’re all set!


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