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How to Make Your Lips Look Plumper, Bigger & Better


You may have big, plump lips that are natural like Scarlett Johansson and in that case you can sublimate them with make-up: lip liner, lipstick, lip gloss, or even if you don’t, here are a few tips to make your lips appear healthier, bigger, plumper and more radiant.

Lips are fragile because of a lack of greasy substance and sweat, they do not have means of defense against the cold, they are vulnerable against the adverse effects of the sun and usually dry as they are close to the mouth which speeds the drying process because of the moisture it releases. Lips must be hydrated morning and evening to protect them. To improve the condition of your damaged lips, use a brush with flexible tooth to detach dead skin cells and then apply a nourishing balm to moisturize them. You can’t have bigger looking lips unless you take care of them!

A few tips and tricks to get plumper and more glamorous lips

For a natural effect, use a transparent lip liner or a clear one if you prefer, this will give a half glossy effect to draw the lips and thus make the lipstick and the lip gloss hold all day.

To make thin lips look fuller, line the outside of your lip line with a darker pencil then apply a slightly clearer lipstick filling in the entire lip area. To draw perfectly your mouth, you should always use a lip liner to outline the contour of your mouth, then always apply lipstick with a brush (never apply a lipstick directly on your lips but always use a brush to make it penetrate and last longer).

For a glamorous effect, the first option is to use a Gloss lip in the middle of the lower lip over your lipstick, or the second option is to use a lip liner with a hue similar to your natural lip color and ditch the gloss for a super shiny and pulpy effect. Don’t forget to remove the surplus of lipstick by gently pressing one’s lips on a tissue, to prevent your lipstick from sticking on the teeth.

To choose a good color, use a lip liner that matches your lipstick; use either a shiny or a matte lipstick that matches your make – up and clothes; you’d better choose a natural color lipstick during the day and an intense and darker hue for parties.

How to make your lipstick hold all day long?

You should put two layers of powder on your lips: one to give your lipstick something to grab onto so it lasts longer, then apply your lipstick and powder it a second time to prevent it from wearing off.

Thanks to all these essential tips of beauty, you will attract all the glances on your silky lips and your smile will be even more charming. And to make things even easier to understand, here’s a video that shows how to get bigger looking lips easily using nothing but makeup:

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