How to Find a Bra that Fits Perfectly

I am pretty sure that I’m not the only lady out there who’s having some real trouble finding a bra that fits perfectly: the listed size doesn’t seem to matter in my case as there are slight – but uncomfortable – differences from brand to brand. And no, it has nothing to do with my breast augmentation that changed things around…

I am also sure that I am not the only one in this situation and today I am going to share a few tricks to help you find a bra that fits perfectly – especially now when we do most of our shopping online.

With a few tricks, you can easily find a bra that really fits and I am here to share with you all these tips that I am sure you will find extremely useful.

Because all ladies know that if you feel great wearing your bra and nothing is out of place or painful or just plain awkward, then your entire day will be so much better!

It’s not just the right cup size that matters – we all know that it’s actually the least of the decisive factors. So what does make a difference and how to choose that bra? Here’s what you can do:

1. Make sure that the band is well anchored in the back, parallel to the floor.

2. Make sure that the wire is in a comfortable position: it should go completely around the breast and end near your underarm. If it’s over your breast, you will feel the pain (eventually) and not feel comfortable.

3. The central front part of all bras has to be up against your chest wall – this way, it will provide support and the bra will fit perfectly.

Otherwise, if it’s a gap between it and your chest wall, as it usually happens – the bra is not in a good position and your breasts won’t be in the cups and as a result discomfort will follow.

4. Get your bra so that when you start wearing it, you can hook it on the last eye. In time, the elastic will get a bit loose and you will have to tighten it (use the next eye and so on) to fit perfectly. If you’re already starting with the final hook-and-eye, you won’t be able to tighten it in the future.

5. Do you really know your bra size? Apparently, the most common size that women are sure they wear is 34B, but the truth might be a bit different after you properly fit a bra: you could be a 36A or 32C in reality, so make sure you do everything right, you know your exact size and you get the proper bra for it!

6. Always adjust yourself in the bra after you put it on – it’s pretty much common sense that you have to do some work to make sure that everything’s in place and exactly where it should be!

7. The straps should fit perfectly too: it’s true that you can adjust them to “make it work” but adjusting the straps to compensate for the wrong bra size is not good in the long run and you will feel uncomfortable or the bra itself will not stay as it should.

So make sure that you do it right from the beginning – and you will get used to mechanically and automatically perform all these steps pretty fast with time. And even if you’re slow, it’s still worth it if we’re thinking about improved comfort throughout the day!

It’s simple tricks like these that give great results when it comes to properly choosing and wearing a bra that fits perfectly, so having them in mind the next time you put on a bra – or purchase one – will save you a lot of trouble!

Now just make sure that everything else fits perfectly, that your hair is right, that you have the best lipstick put on and go out there and rock this world!

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