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My First Fairy Garden [DIY, Instructions to Make Your Fairy Garden]


I made a few  fairy objects here and there and couldn’t wait any longer to put something together. I had my plants arrive thru the mail a few days ago, in perfect condition, and when I saw they were thriving in my living room already, and getting greener, I knew I should get started my fairy pot. Made a tiny table and chair, and a lil’ flower vase and planned the way I was gonna put everything in place. And I was very happy with the results.

I already had the ladder, the mushroom, and the snail made weeks ago, so I just put everything near my pot and started working. Added some dirt and put my live plant, which is a Sempervivum arachnoideum, which is an ever green plant, which care is easy, but the key is that they thrive on neglect. They will live much longer if carelessly thrown on concrete and forgotten than they will if planted in rich, organic soil and well watered. I do love plants, but except of my orchids I pretty much killed everything I had, so this was a safe bet, and also something that would do great traveling if I find anyone to sell the pot arrangement to.

I definitely need to work on my photos, they need to have the professional feel to them if I wanna get the clientele to trust me, and buy from me. And I think this could be a perfect gift to give someone, especially if it will last forever.

I’m planning on attaching every detail I can find of the plant, to my shipping order, add care instructions and how to handle the ornaments, of course they will resist longer if you don’t get them wet, and they are pretty easy to take off and can be arranged the way you want afterwards. I’m also hoping the moss I put will grow and cover the entire ground area. It just needs damp ground and the same environment it had before I took it away from the wild life. And the succulent plant needs little care as it can easily grow in the wild on its own without intervention.

The price for this pot is gonna be $20, without transportation, and I’ll make sure it will get to you safe and sound, but just on Romanian territory. I can safely guaranty the travel for other fairy objects, but I can’t promise that the plant won’t be dead on longer journeys, outside Romania. So if you like what you see you can always come back here to check out more. And if you have any questions, I’m always here to answer them.


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