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My Living World Triop World Review


I am fascinated by building or having small ecosystems, as I have already showed you in previous articles about the best ant farms for your home or my article on top plant terrarium choices. Another micro ecosystem that you can easily build at home (over and over again in this case) is a Triops habitat.

If you are here, I assume that you already know what a Triop is and you’re interested to read my review for My Living World Triop World (aka Nick Baker’s Triop World), so I’ll get straight to it in a quick review and overview of this great product.

A photo of my first generation of Triops
A photo of my first generation of Triops

I have ordered My Living World Triop World on Amazon and it was delivered quickly, without any problems. The package itself consists of a small plastic tank for your triops friends, a complete and easy to read instructions book, the Trop Eggs, a small package of Triop food (but enough to last you quite a while), sand for your Triops to lay their eggs in and a small spoon and pipette.

Instructions are crystal clear and following them closely guarantees that you will have great results. I simply added water in the tank (I forgot to wash it before using, as it is recommended and I was afraid I might have ruined everything, but there was no problem with that), add the detritus in the water and begin the waiting game.

About 24 hours after putting the detritus in the water, I noticed the first two dot-like twitching creatures in the water and I was extremely happy. They started to grow pretty fast, and 48 hours after starting this exciting project, there were tens of small creatures and I was already starting to get worried that the small tank might not be enough.

But I think that the first two Triop ate the smaller creatures that were late to hatch or they simply died. Either way, the truth is that just two were left (the original two) and they were starting to grow in size insanely fast. Below you have a photo I have taken about 14 days after setting up the tank:

nick bakers triop world review 01
You can see both Triops digging in the sand at the bottom

As you can see, the water gets really murky, but in reality you can easily see everything that’s happening there and you can spend hours looking at your prehistoric friends swimming around, moving their legs, eating and just laying on the sand. One thing I wasn’t expecting and the book said nothing about is that the Triops lose their skin as they grow: one day I woke up to see the whole skin on my biggest trip at the bottom of the tank and I panicked, thinking it was dead. But in reality, it was just the skin and the little fellow was already larger than I knew him.

After the Triops end their lives, you have to wait for the water inside to completely dry off (that will take some time!) and then you can scrub away the sand, let it dry completely for a couple more weeks, then start the process over. The food provided is enough to go through 2-3 cycles of Triops (if not more), as you only have to feed them a small pinch of food every other day. Also, as the book suggests, you can add some really, really tiny bits of carrot which will be instantly devoured.

All in all, I was extremely satisfied with the quality of the My Living World Triop World kit and I am sure I’ll put it to great use to get tens of generations of Triops. So give it a try, it’s a really good product that works as described and it’s insanely fun to watch!

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