OnlyFans Top Earners: 20 Highest Earning Creators in 2023

The top earners on OnlyFans make millions or even tens of millions each month. But which are these top earners on OnlyFans? This is what we’re going to talk about today!

If you don’t care how much we’re estimating they make, here is the quick list of the top earnings OnlyFans creators this year (read on to see estimated earnings too):

  1. Blac Chyna
  2. Bella Thorne
  3. Cardi B
  4. Tyga
  5. Mia Khalifa
  6. Bhad Babie
  7. Erica Mena
  8. Gem101
  9. Pia Mia
  10. Safaree Samuels
  11. Mila Mondel
  12. Dannii Harwood
  13. Belle Delphine
  14. Megan Barton Hanson
  15. Casanova
  16. Brienightwood
  17. Jem Wolfie
  18. Mrs. Robinson
  19. Princsssparklesfree
  20. Nik Avocado

Unlike other social media platforms, Onlyfans makes it pretty difficult for regular users to research and estimate how much money a creator is making. That is because the number of subscribers are never public.

If subscriber counts were public, it would’ve been a lot easier to know with more precision how much each content creator earns on OnlyFans.

But even without these numbers, we can easily estimate who the top earners are based on various metrics or in some cases based on the creators themselves revealing the numbers.

So after hours of research where we used direct statistics, but also follower counts on other social platforms, we have a list of the top earning Onlyfans creators. And, unsurprisingly, the list is topped by the big celebrities out there.

And while no creator that wasn’t already a celebrity or a public figure one way or another made it onto our list, it doesn’t mean that lesser known people can’t earn a nice chunk on money on Onlyfans.

But so far none has managed to score the hundreds of thousands these big names managed.

Please have in mind that these numbers below are estimates and might be pretty much off. However, it’s better than nothing and even though the rankings of the top earners might vary a bit, they definitely are up there in the top 1% (at least)!

Top 20 Highest earning OnlyFans Creators this year

CreatorEstimated Earnings
1. Blac Chyna$20 million / month
2. Bella Throne$11 million / month
3. Cardi B$9 million / month
4. Tyga$6 million / month
5. Mia Khalifa$5.5 million / month
6. Bhad Babie$4.5 million / month
7. Erica Mena$3.75 million / month
8. Gem101$2.3 million / month
9. Pia Mia$2.2 million / month
10. Safaree Samuels$1.7 million / month
11. Mila Mondel$1.5 million / month
12. Dannii Harwood$1.1 million / month
13. Belle Delphine$975k / month
14. Megan Barton Hanson$500k / month
15. Casanova$425k / month
16. Brienightwood$400k / month
17. Jem Wolfie$325k / month
18. Mrs. Robinson$250k / month
19. Princsssparklesfree$195k / month
20. Nik Avocado$150k / month

I have to repeat that these are estimated earnings and they could vary greatly from month to month.

All the data has been collected and complied based on the creator’s notoriety, subscriber counts and information they shared about their earnings.

A lot of guess work is involved as well – since tips and solo purchases also contribute to total earnings – but I am confident that most of these numbers are as accurate as they can get.

It’s also interesting to see that in the top 20 Onlyfans creators above, most are female. I also noted that most of the top earners are the same since 2021, when I first started tracking this.

While the list is clearly dominated by females, I have to say that when I started my research, I was expecting no males on the list, so seeing a few there is surprising.

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And now back to you: what do you think about the highest earning creators on Onlyfans right now?

Are you surprised to see any of the names on the list? Do you think there are others that should’ve been included and making more?

Let us know your thoughts by sharing them in the comments section below. Also, if you know of others that are top earners and not included here – do let us know as well!

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