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The Best Plant Terrarium to Buy Right Now


I have always been fascinated with terrariums: a small and beautiful world that lives on its own and can be placed anywhere in your house. I could stay there and look at my terrarium forever: it’s peaceful, it’s relaxing, and it’s absolutely beautiful. And even though some of the most hardcore terrarium lovers out there prefer to create their own from scratch, many of us don’t have the ability to choose the containers and plants, nor the knowledge to mix them right. If you’re in this category, we here at Ranking Squad have gone through a lot of Plant Terrariums readily available for sale and selected the best looking, highest rated of them all for you.

So check out below the best plant terrariums to buy right now (in no particular order – so just choose the one you like the most)!

Hinterland Trading Air Plant Terrarium

01 hinterland plant terrarium

Probably the easiest to maintain terrariums are those with Air Plants, since they need no soil and draw all the water through their leaves. This gives us all the creative freedom to play with the arrangements and build up some amazing terrariums, just like the Hinterland Trading Air Plant terrarium. Most of the reviews posted on Amazon come from satisfied customers, 80 out of the 90 people who bough it giving it 4 and 5 stars (12 4 star ratings and 68 five star ratings at the moment of writing). The kit includes pebbles, moss, glass globe and air plant Tillandsia Bromeliads. One reviewer noted the fact that the instructions were clear and the plant did really well, while another noted that buying all the items in this kit separately would end up costing you more money. So it’s a great choice to start with and definitely one of the best plant terrariums on this list. So click here to check it out!

Tear-drop Succulent Terrarium Duo Kit

02 Shop Succulents plant terrarium

Well, if you love terrariums so much, why not go for two instead of just one? This terrarium from Shop Succulents comes with two different plants: Purple Aeonium and Red Graptosedum, both of them extremely beautiful, as you can see in the image above. Although there are not many reviews on this particular terrarium, all of them are positive and praise the high quality of the duo, even though some note that it might happen that some of the plants received are grasping for life (but once you start to take care of them, they do well). These tear drop plant terrariums look great when you hang them outside (but not in direct sun light) or near windows and are guaranteed to impress you, the family and visiting friends! You can find out more about this product on Amazon.

Mini Globe Succulent Terrarium Trio Kit

03 trio plant terrarium

Well, this is basically the same thing as above, but you get three terrariums in a different shape – that of a globe. Apart from that, they are produced and shipped by the same company, so you can expect the same high quality and care for the products. The plants in this kit are Echeveria Derenbergii, Purple Aeonium, and Graptoveria “Debbie”. You can check them out here.

Hinterland Air Plant Tillandsia Starfish Terrarium

04 tillandsia terrarium houseplant

Although this particular product is presented as a great gift for Mother’s Day, it’s actually one that’s suitable for any occasion. With bright colors and a great effect coming from the Starfish in this hanging globe terrarium, this in one that you’ll surely want for yourself first before giving them to other people as gifts. Right now there’s just one 5-star review for the terrarium, also providing some great information: after soaking the plant weekly (preferably in rain water), let it DRY OUT completely before doing this again. Check out the great price of this beautiful terrarium here.

Shop Succulents Echeveria “Violet Queen” and Blue Sedum Plant Terrarium

05 gorgeous tear drop plant terrarium

Even though it could use a shorter name to make it easier to identify, this terrarium is absolutely fabulous. The design of the globe is classy and just looking at the photo makes me smile and feel relaxed. The only reviewer of this particular kit, one that rewarded a maximum 5 star rating, noted that it’s pretty difficult to handle the small plants in the small container, but it looks pretty amazing. So I’d say that it’s worth all the trouble! Click here to check out this amazing product at an amazing price!

Live Boo-boo Plant

06 live boo boo plant

Although this is not exactly what you’d expect from a plant terrarium, I had to share it with you. A miniature plant that works as a phone charm or key chain… this is absolutely beautiful! Kids will love it as much as adults do and the great part about it is that you can plant it and create your own miniature garden when or if it outgrows the tiny capsule. There are more types available, so click here to check out all these amazing miniature terrariums (this particular one’s got only positive reviews at the moment of writing this article).

It’s not easy to pick up your own plant terrarium kit and you must be really careful to select those from sellers that provide great care to packaging and customer support because you don’t want to receive dead plants that you can’t replace. We’ve done our best to select the top plant terrariums for you and we are sure that any of these would make you really happy!



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