These Are the Cutest (and Best) Headphones for Kids in 2018

Finding a great pair of headphones for kids to use is extremely important nowadays when every kid or teenager uses them. You want to make sure that you choose the best for them in order to offer them a great quality product that will not only deliver great sound quality, but also protect them from the harmful effects of potential too loud volumes. The best headphones for kids also have a higher durability than regular ones because they will need to endure more from their owners.

The good news is that we have done the research so you don’t have to and we’re sharing the results below: the best (and cutest) headphones for kids in 2018!

The even better news is that most of them don’t cost a fortune – on the contrary, while still offering great quality and an amazing design that will keep the kids happy.

With hundreds of models of headphones for kids to choose from, it might be difficult for them to make a decision, so either have them look at the list below and pick their favorite (remember that most of these headphones come with more color options than the one shown in the screenshot) or just pick one for them yourself. No matter which one you get, you can rest assured that you’re making a great choice.

With these in mind, let’s check out the best headphones for kids in 2018 below. We’re listing the from the cheapest to the most expensive to help you stick to your budget, if you already have on in mind!

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Mpow Kids Headphones

Although the cheapest on the list, this pair of headphones designed specifically for kids not only looks amazing, but it is feature-packed too! And it comes in light blue and pink.

Created specifically for the smaller heads of the young (but still adjustable if they grow fast), the Mpow Kids Headphones have a high volume limit of 85 decibels in order to protect their hearing, as this number is the maximum noise level recommended by auditory health organizations.

The headphone is made with food-grade material as well as being twistable and bendable, while the audio cords are tangle-free and extremely durable. And thanks to the 3.5mm audio jack that it has, it’s compatible with basically every device on the market since most smartphones, mp3 players, readers, PCs, laptops or tablets have such a port.

Another extremely interesting feature that these headphones have is the shareport – basically another port where a different 3.5mm audio jack can be plugged in, so that a second person can hear the same audio feed. This one is pretty awesome if you have two kids who need headphones, yet a single device for the audio feed.

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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Headphones

Even though not everybody is a fan of TMNT, we still decided to share this pair of headphones because of their high quality combined with a more than affordable price. And if the turtles are a big no, no, there are a dozen other models to choose from, all with popular characters like Batman, Barbie, Hello Kitty, Superman and much more. Just check them out following the link below to see them all!

Created specifically for kids, these headphones feature soft padded earcups and a non-removable, volume-limiting cable to make sure that the kids don’t harm their hearing by turning up the volume above the recommended levels.

The sound quality is not the best – but you really can’t have better at this price and they will still deliver a more than satisfactory sound quality when listening to any type of music. They’re perfect for movies or audiobooks, where the minor limitations are no longer noticeable.

All in all, these are colorful, good headphones that are cheap. Even the most durable ones will eventually be destroyed by kids – no matter if they’re older or younger – so why not get started with a cheaper pair and see how long it lasts?

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Riwbox WT-7S Bluetooth Headphones

At the moment of writing this article, these headphones are Amazon’s choice for “kids wireless headphones” so you can already tell that they’re of a really high quality. Their top rating of 4.4 out of 5, based on over 100 reviews also proves that.

One of the main features of these headphones is that they are wireless – and a lack of cables is always preferable when kids are involved. They can also use a wire if batteries are a problem, but having this extra option to easily connect them via Bluetooth to your mobile phone or any other Bluetooth compatible device is great.

Another feature that I love – and I am sure every kid will love too – is the bunch of LED lights on each earcup – they change colors and move according to the music listened and are, overall, really cool!

They are also foldable, meaning that they’re easy to carry around and they come with an incorporated microphone too – which is great for making phone calls, for example or answering them. There are control buttons on the headphones themselves, making your kid’s life even easier.

Overall, these are some really good headphones that offer a ton of features and a huge coolness rating. They also come in a variety of colors, so you have your options. The only real problem is that there doesn’t seem to be a top volume limit here and it might go above the recommended 85 db if the person using them keeps raising the volume. So these are probably better suited for older kids who can understand that they shouldn’t set the volume too loud.

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Puro Sound Labs JuniorJams Headphones

Although these headphones come with a pretty huge jump in price compared to the other models I’ve shared, they are clearly the best on the list and perfect if you’re looking for a sleek design but also a top quality pair of headphones for your kids.

Since they offer such high quality and durability, they are a bit large for a toddler, but perfect for school-aged children who will appreciate the quality even better than younger ones.

These are also wireless headphones that can be paired up with any Bluetooth enabled device, and they offer a solid internal battery that lasts up to 10-12 hours on a single charge, basically offering at least a couple of days of usage.

They also have a wire if you don’t want to use them wirelessly (or you want to pair them with a non-Bluetooth device), but extra caution should be used when going wired: you have to plug in the cable as instructed on it (with the Headphones part entering the headphones, and not vice versa). If you don’t do it right, the volume limit of 85db might get canceled and the top volumes might go above that. However, it’s extremely easy to follow the directions and plug the cable in the right way – and this potential problem doesn’t apply to the wireless mode.

They are foldable and have control buttons placed on the earcups for easy access. The materials they are built in are not only durable, but also non-toxic. They are very comfortable and the sound quality is amazing. As a bonus, they come in different color choices so that you can pick the one you enjoy the most. By far the best in terms of quality on this list!

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And these would be our recommended headphones for kids. These are all great choices and I am sure you will make the best one based on your budget: the more you are ready to spend on the headphones, the better they will be in terms of quality, but if it’s your first time getting a pair, you might not have to jump straight for the JuniorJams and test the waters with one of our cheaper recommendations instead. As I said, they are all great quality earphones!

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