10 Most Beautiful Decorative Shower Curtain Hooks for Your Bathroom

You’re probably not spending that much time when it comes to choosing your shower curtain – and even less when it comes to shower curtain hooks. In the end, why not use the default ones, right?

Well, you will surely change your mind after checking out these absolutely beautiful decorative shower curtain hooks: from classy style to retro or modern touches and even Mickey Mouse shower curtain hooks, you will see that the offer is huge and the potential to make your bathroom better is even bigger.

Adding some stylish – or goofy – shower curtain hooks can easily inject new life in your bathroom and make sure that the room is as impressive as possible for you and your guests. Below are the top 10 best looking decorative shower curtain hooks, in our opinion.

In the end, it’s the little details that make the difference, so let’s check out below the best looking shower curtain hooks you can get today!

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Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain Hooks

Mickey Mouse Shower Curtain Hooks

If you have kids – or even if you don’t – some Mickey Mouse themed hooks will definitely fit in perfectly. Everybody loves Mickey! Check out these Mickey Mouse shower curtain hooks here.

Sea-themed Shower Curtain Hooks

I personally believe that you can never go wrong with seaside-themed items in your bathroom, including the hooks! These are anti rust metal hooks crafted with finely detailed enamel finish. High quality and very beautiful.

If you don’t like the color above, they come is white and sand as well, so click here to check them all out.

Diamond / Gem Shower Curtain Hooks

If you prefer something classier or more elegant, these are the products that you’re looking for. They rust resistant and come in various colors, so click here to check them out and pick your favorite.

Musical Elements Shower Curtain Hooks

These colorful hooks are youthful and cool, so if you’re looking for a splash of color, they are a perfect choice. You can get yours here.

Funky animals hooks

A cute tiger, a hippo and an elephant: these are the models that you’re getting with this pack, which is perfect for a younger audience but also with a young soul. Click here to check them out.

Minnie Diva Shower Curtain Hooks

Minnie Mouse Shower Curtain Hooks

We had Mickey, we must have Minnie as well! The bet part about these hooks is that they’re part of a set and if you like Disney’s character a lot, you can easily design your Minnie bathroom in just a few clicks. All available on Amazon here.

Mermaid Shower Curtain Hooks Rings

Bring the mermaids into your bathroom with these silver metal hooks that work perfect for kids and grown-ups alike. Check them out here.

Fish Shower Curtain Hooks

Another design that always goes well with bathrooms and something that will never get old. I like these particular fish because they’re colorful and relaxing. Get your set now by clicking here.

Unicorn Shower Curtain Hooks

Perfect for a princess (or a prince, why not?) these hooks are also bright and colorful and absolutely amazing. Pair them up with an unicorn-themed shower curtain for maximum effect! Check their price here.

Colorful Slippers Curtain Hooks

I think we’re starting to see a theme here: colorful and joyful products work best. These particular slippers are made of resin and they look really amazing! Click here to get yours today!

Skull Anchor Pack

If you want to move away from the colors and the casual tones, we’ve got you covered with these Skull & Bones themed hooks. Check them out here.

Disney Princess Shower Curtain Hooks

Featuring Belle, Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella and Tiana, these are the perfect hooks for the Disney fans out there. Get them here.

Now, you will really manage to take the design of your bathroom – or that of your kids’ bathroom to a whole new level. I really hope that you will find a favorite on our list and remember: they are cheap, but they do make a difference!

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