Top 3 Best Jogging Watches for Women at a Great Price!

It’s time to check out the best jogging watches for women after reviewing in a previous article the best hiking watches for men. In this article we chose not to go for the extremely expensive, titanium watches and instead we have opted to try out some jogging/running watches for women that offer a great quality at a price as low as possible.

Either way, after intense testing and reading and after hundreds of watches were checked out by our staff, we are ready to share with you the top 3 best jogging watches for women in our opinion – products that are also available at killer prices. When deciding the finalists for this listing we considered the features and precision of the watch, its durability and finally the price that had to offer the biggest bang for the buck. So let’s check out our findings below which we are sure will give you the perfect jogging watch!

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Freestyle Shark Watch

freestyle shark watch for jogging

The cheapest entry on our list and certainly the most eye-catching thanks to its bright, happy colors. The Freestyle Shark is an entry level jogging watch which, despite it’s looks which are a bit dated and extremely cheap price, still offers some great quality and will certainly meet the needs of any runner out there. Created in Japan, this jogging watch is shock-resistant, extremely durable and comes with a limited lifetime warranty, which is pretty encouraging. The longer the warranty, the better the products!

Regarding its functions, the Freestyle Shark Watch has a stop watch and timer which are extremely useful when running, as well as a very solid night vision if you like jogging when it’s dark outside. It’s also water resistant and it goes 300 feet under water without breaking. Unfortunately, it does not have any more modern features like calorie or lap counter.

The people who have tried the watch have been generally happy with the product, which stands at an impressive 3.8 stars (out of 5) on Amazon. Even though there are a few voices complaining that the strap does come loose pretty fast, but even with this small problem, many people describe it as “best watch ever” or an amazing buy for its price. So why not check it out following the link below?

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Nike+ FuelBand

Nike FuelBand

It’s time to go a bit sci fi with the Nike+ FuelBand, an amazing product held in high regard by anybody who has tried it. It has a futuristic design and it’s extremely light, also offering a ton of functions and basically measuring all your activity throughout the day. The cherry on top? You can sync it with your iPhone for even more stats and details about your running or workout sessions!

The Nike+ FuelBand tracks your daily activity from jogging to dancing and almost everything in between, it counts the steps taken and calories burned, while also helping you to stay motivated with the use of achievements and daily goals that you can check out throughout the day. And honestly, if you find it hard to get motivated, you will find this extremely helpful! Finally, you can sync it with your iPhone and see more data and stats, share your activity on social network and overall, learn to get better every day.

In terms of people’s opinion, the Nike+ FuelBand upset some of the customers who reported it has stopped working too soon (a few months to a year) and it’s these customers that gave it one star ratings. However, out of 260 reviews on Amazon, more than 100 people gave it the maximum rating, while a bit over 60 gave it 4 and 3 star ratings. Praised for its design and accurate tracking that it offers, as well as the functions and syncing ability, the FuelBand was described as a great tool to keep one motivated and active. Just make sure that you carefully pick the size when you order it and you’re ready to go!

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Garmin Forerunner 310XT

garmin forerunner

And the winner in our opinion is this amazing watch that offers all the features you can possibly want from a running watch, and then some extra so that it becomes extremely useful for even more activities, like swimming, working out or biking.

Using GPS satellite data to track your position flawlessly, the Garmin Forerunner also records distance, pace, heart rate (via a bundled monitor) and wirelessly transfers all the data to your computer. It’s also water resistant up to 50 meters, has a large display that’s easy to read and also comes with training and motivational features like calories burned counter, Virtual Partner, courses, workouts, goals. In other words, just as I said already, the perfect running watch for you!

And I am no the only one to say so! The Garmin Forerunner 310XT is, at the moment of writing, the best selling and most popular Running GPS watch on Amazon, with an outstanding average rating of 4 out of 5 stars coming from 800 reviews! People praise all its functions and durability, as well as the great GPS tracking that works well even under trees and describe it as a must have, phenomenal watch. We wholeheartedly agree and we are sure you will too after trying it out!

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And these are our top three jogging watches for women and we really hope that you will find the best products for your needs. We tried to cover everything, from a low entry model with basic features to something that we consider the perfect watch for people who like running and physical activity in general and we’re sure you will agree with our choices.

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